Christmas Stockings

Whether it's tradition in your house to open the stockings on Christmas Eve or something for the kids to get stuck into at 5am while you wipe the sleep from your eyes, they haven't always been the extravagant gifts we give today.

We all know that if it's handmade, it's made with love (much like the offerings from our small businesses). In the past, the stockings themselves would be as beautifully made as the family could afford. Handcrafted and gorgeous, they would be treasured through the years, almost as much as their contents were treasured on the day. And they would be packed full of goodies.

In Victorian families stockings constituted the main Christmas present - For children, the gifts would include peg dolls – often made from rags in poorer families – marbles, spinning tops, skipping ropes, kites, and, of course, something to eat. Fruit and nuts were prized, but it was the home-made sweets and treats that would light up little faces; cakes; fudge; sugar tablet; maybe even marzipan.

Adults would also share a child-like enjoyment of the sweet treats, while fishing out embroidered handkerchiefs and homemade tobacco boxes from their own stockings’ toes.

Roll on the years and we have gone bigger and better, but did you know that our small businesses have great ideas for unique and special gifts? Check out your High Street and make Christmas special for everyone, from the shop owner through to the person receiving the gift. It will save you money too as you haven't had to venture far (ohhh and that's helping the environment too) - everyone is a winner!

For a list of local businesses on your doorstep head to our business index here and take a look through some of the quintessential loveliness available.

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