Business Security at Christmas

As part of West Yorkshire Police's, 12 Days of Crime Prevention Advice, we will be looking at business security.

If you have one, protecting your business from crime, particularly at Christmas is extremely important. Below are a few tips to help with this.

  • Target removal – Don’t put expensive items near the entrance/exit or shop windows.

  • Target hardening – make it harder for thieves by alternating coat hanger hooks so it is hard to remove several items at once.

  • Reducing pay-off – Don’t stock cigarettes counters prior to closing or consider the use of dummy stock near the entrance/exit.

  • Increase the chances of being caught - Make use of dusk to dawn security lighting and ensure it is in working order. Use good quality CCTV and/or alarm systems. If you do have an alarm system, please use it and make sure your CCTV is in working order.

  • Access control – Think about where your staff are placed? Are the tills near the entrance/exit? Are expensive items places where staff are most present?

  • Rule setting – Make all staff aware of how they can prevent crime.

You can find further information about business security by clicking the below link:

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