9th-15th September is Business Safety Week 2019

As of October 2006, Fire Safety standards became the responsibility of business owners.

This change replaced the previous Fire Certificate, which was issued as a means of showing legal compliance, with articles which explained what your (the employer’s) duties are, and how you are responsible for making sure you are keeping everybody on your premises safe. This can only be confirmed by you evidencing all measures in your control to reduce the risk of fire, and spread of fire, on your premises are being taken.

We appreciate starting, and maintaining, a business can be complex when it comes to achieving compliance with the necessary regulations.

A suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment is fundamental to equipping you, the business owner, with a report of findings you can then action. Having these measures in place can give you confidence, as the person responsible for the safety of people on your premises, that you are meeting all the lawful requirements.

Unsure whether you have the relevant skills to conduct your own FRA? See below link to help you find a competent person to carry it out:


We want to support you in achieving business success!

West Yorkshire & Rescue Service are supporting the National Fire Chiefs Council’s ‘Business Safety Week’ campaign, running from 9th – 15th September. We’re aiming to raise awareness of the support and help available to ensure businesses and responsible persons are complying with the law and making their companies, staff and visitors as safe as they can be from the risks of fire.

We want to help make small and medium sized businesses aware of their fire safety responsibilities, by providing help and advice that is available all year round to support them.

We understand that some smaller businesses may find the challenge of understanding the complexities of fire safety regulation to be a daunting task, so we want to assist those to overcome this challenge, in an open and supportive way.

We’re encouraging local business communities to engage in conversations that will help them overcome any uncertainties on how to fulfill their fire safety responsibilities.

The campaign runs from 9th – 15th September with the main themes as

• Preventing Arson • Reducing False Alarms • Preventing Common Causes of Business Fires and • Protecting Sleeping Accommodation

September presents the ideal time for businesses to get smarter with their fire safety management, to use the support to get it right from the star, rather than face action in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the festive season.

Other ideas

Use your contacts! Talk with neighbouring businesses to share best practice within your community.

Spread the word! Set up Business or Tenant Forums to share your knowledge- networking helps build your relationships, both with other businesses and neighbours.

Ask! If after reading the above guidance, there is an area you feel you need more explanation of then liaise with your Local FRS.

Lastly, remember- It may seem labour intensive, but you must understand your duties to ensure you are acting responsibly, and complying with the law.

We are here to help. We want your premises to be successful and safe, just like you do.


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