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Bizarre Natural Occurrences Caught On Camera

Anyone who has seen natural scenery show can tell you just how bizarre Mother Nature can be. Between strange weather and peculiar pets, we’re never short of interesting moments that can be caught on camera for our viewing pleasure.


We’ve collected some of the weirdest photos that show real natural occurrences that happen every single day. Whereas some are anomalies, others are absolutely normal – even if they are a little strange. Check them out over the page…

Sparkling Waves

A beach is always a great place to hang out during the day, but some people also prefer to visit at night when there is a lot more peace and quiet. However, not many night visitors are treated to these bioluminescent waves.


If you happen to be walking by Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives at night, you might see one of the most striking natural occurrences in the world. The beach gets so wonderfully illuminated, it looks as though somebody laid out a perfect set of blue fireflies along it. This phenomenon is also known as ‘magic light’, caused by the phytoplankton found in water.

Dragon Blood Trees

At first sight, you must think that just their shape is what makes these trees strange. Actually, there is a lot more to them than what we see. These dragon blood trees have an uncommon characteristic that makes them so appropriately named.


They secrete a red-colored fluid which makes them unique from all the other trees in the world. You can find these trees in Yemen. Enclosed by rocky terrain and sweeping landscape, they surely are a treat to look at and photograph when you can!

Gateway to Hell

If something is nicknamed “Gateway to Hell,” you already have an idea of the type of place it’s going to be. The photos don’t do justice to this terrifying pit in the Karakum desert in Turkmenistan, which basically looks a lot like hell on Earth.


Amazingly, this isn’t actually a natural phenomenon. The hellish landscape was started by a number of inexperienced petroleum engineers almost 50 years ago. They never put the fire out, and it has been making enough energy to sustain itself ever since.

Butterfly Migrations

This might not be ‘bizarre’, but it is still pretty amazing. Watching hundreds of thousands of butterflies relocate before the winters to warmer climates is a sight to behold for nature lovers everywhere.


As soon as October approaches, a multicolored collection of butterflies can be seen painting the skies all the way from North America to Mexico. The creatures are all almost the same in their color, but they move and soar in different ways which make you want to stop and take in the show.

The Columnar Basalt

Basalts are wonderful, bizarre rocks that can merge together to form impressive natural sculptures and structures. These high exteriors might look like they are manmade, but you can actually thank Mother Nature for their presence.


Over time, the collection of rocks can cause the formation of strong structures that look like they have been designed by an artist. Strange as this may seem, it is totally natural and involves no human interference. The only thing we get to do it post these images on Instagram!

Nacreous Cloud Over The Antarctic

The skies above us can get decorated in so many different colors, depending on the weather and other variables. These often mean that we are treated to stunning views every now and again. These clouds might look photoshopped, but they are as real as any other cloud in the sky.


If you travel over to the polar regions during dusk or dawn, you can see them thrive with sheer grandeur. Also known as ‘the mother of pearls’, these clouds only appear after sunset and just before dawn.

Stationary Clouds

Did you mistake these clouds for a spaceship or UFO? No need to be ashamed, you are not the first one to be fooled by these strangely shaped, stationary clouds

Anybody can get used to seeing them with the snowy mountains in the backdrop. When you look more closely, they look as though they have been arranged in a lens-like pattern. Well, the wind has to be recognized for achieving this unique look! The breeze of the wind forces the clouds to stay stationary at these unusual angles.

Spotted Lake

Lakes from across the world are captivating, tranquil, and incredibly elegant. But, can you ever imagine there to be bits scattered throughout a lake? Imagine spots of different sizes just appearing all across the lake? Well, unlikely as it may sound, Osoyoos is home to a spotted lake that will blow your mind.


Here, the salty water of the Osoyoos lake begins to evaporate during the summer. Since the water is highly concentrated, it includes a ton of colorful minerals which are left behind. These minerals are what make the spots at the top of the lake.

Gas Bubbles In Lakes

When unusual scientific stuff happens within a lake, we are always treated to some of the most amazing events. This accumulation of methane under the surface of this frozen lake is one such event.


The water of the Canadian Abraham Lake is home to lots of bacteria. As the organic matter, such as animals and dead plants, start to collect in the water, the bacteria begin to decompose them. This leads to the release of methane. The gas then freezes and its frozen bubbles appear so wonderfully trapped within the lake.

Underwater Rivers

No, you didn’t read that incorrectly. Yes, we are talking about a river… underwater. A river inside a river. The inception of rivers. How on Earth can that be possible?


Well, it is. It goes to show just how amazing the world around us is. If you want to see it for yourself, all you have to do is get an oxygen tank and dive into the underwater world of Cenote Angelita, Mexico. The enormous Hydrogen Sulfide deposit at the bottom of the river makes it seem like a whole another river is running within the main river.

These Mammatus Clouds

Sometimes we stare at the sky to look at stars. Never do we stare at the sky only to be left confused and scared. However, if you happen to ever witness the sky while it has been covered by Mammatus clouds, you won’t want to look back up again soon.


This strange phenomenon looks so amazing that at first, you look around to make sure whether it’s really happening or not. The clouds look as if they are hanging from the sky with invisible strings, and the whole aura of the sky is spooky.

Asperitas Clouds

Clouds can be so captivating at times that you just can’t believe your eyes. They can form so many different styles and produce various crazy designs that we had to include them a lot on our list.


However, here is an exception. These asperities clouds are so rare that we haven’t seen them in the last decade. They are widely recognized as the rarest natural occurrence recorded. The last time we saw them was in 2009 when they were made in the aftermath of a terrible storm.

Snow Chimneys

A lot of spooky things happen in the Arctic regions of the world. In fact, we are sure that many still haven’t met the human eye yet. Can you picture steam coming out in the cold temperatures of the Arctic? And not just a bit of steam, but a never-ending flow of steam?


Actually, snow chimneys are pretty common in Antarctica. Whenever a volcano’s opening melts, a large amount of steam rises from within it. This looks as if there is a massive chimney placed within the mountains.

Migrating Red Crabs

Spotting crabs on the side of the road is a bizarre thing on its own, but when you add an army of crabs, things get a lot weirder! During October and November, Christmas Island in Australia witnesses thousands of red crabs migrate to find potential partners.


The car traffic on the island has to be changed during these times to allow the crabs to safely cross some of the roads. Australians are used to seeing the wildlife join in on the urban action, but this is unusual even for them!

South African Sardines

We’re sure you’ve seen a school of fish swimming in a sea or ocean on a TV show at some point in your life. However, we bet you have never seen a group of sardine fish swim along the South African coast.


Millions, maybe billions, of sardines can be seen darting through the waters as a group in May and July. The event is so amazing because of the large numbers, that you have to see it to believe it.

Volcano Lightning

Volcanoes are scary, and so are massive thunderbolts. Surely, we can never assume to see both of these natural phenomena appearing together? Well, as a matter of fact, we absolutely can. Volcanoes can sometimes emit lightning, you just haven’t seen one yet.


Even though it’s rare for such an event, sometimes when volcanoes erupt, the release of high amounts of energy which also cause the production of lightning. Simply imagining the picture in your mind can spook you out!

Underwater Crop Circles

Circles at the surface of a lake can be odd, but underwater crop circles take this to a whole new level. How do these underwater crop circles become so prominent in the sea bed? It’s easy to understand the formation if they stay on the surface, but underwater?


The wonder was first observed back in 1955 when scientists observed a collection of circles appear at the bottom of the ocean. They couldn’t understand the cause because of the lack of equipment at the time. Today, we know these circles are created male puffer fish who are trying to attract the females for mating purposes.

Steam Eruptions, Haveri

We all enjoyed playing in the mud as young children. However, we never encountered mud that suddenly began boiling and discharging warm rays of steam that would make us jump out and run inside.


Well, if you like the sound of such an eerie natural event, you can always visit Haveri in Iceland. Here, the steam eruptions can make you pause and question such a strange natural event. When you see them from a distance, they appear so elegant and calm; it’s only when you go near can you hear and feel the heat and muddy craziness.

White Rainbows

If there is one thing that all the rainbows have in common around the world, it must be the beautiful amount of various colors that they glean. Right? Well, no! Weirdly, there are actually some natural rainbows which are formed that don’t contain more than one or two colors.


These white rainbows, also known as a ‘fogbow’, don’t have a lot of colors – obviously. Most of the time, the end of the rainbow is red in color, while the rest of it appears in ‘colder’ colors like blue or white. This is because the fog droplets that are in the air shine over all the other colors.

Purple Storms

We’ve all seen storms come and go. If we haven’t experienced them personally, then at least we’ve seen their powers on the news. But have you ever heard of a storm that never ends? It sounds like the next Hollywood blockbuster franchise.


The locals in Venezuela don’t pray for this storm to be over, they only pray for it to wreck as little chaos as possible. This never-ending storm brings a lot of lightning and thunder, which makes people spooked for days!

Fire Rainbows

Fire rainbows may not be made of fire, but that doesn’t mean they’re not lovely to look at. Have you ever seen a collection of colorful cloud like this in the clouds?


As you can see in the photo, these rainbows can occasionally fly beautifully across the sun, almost covering it. There’s no explanation why this happens, although scientists believe it is something to do with light. Enjoying one on a sunny morning with a cup of hot coffee in hand can genuinely be a great start to the day.

Circular Boulders

When you look at these massive rocks for the first time, you think just how they got to reach this shape and size on their own without interference. Unless you see them in person, you can’t really believe that they do actually exist!


These spherical boulders are also known as Moeraki Boulders. They can be seen in Oamaru, New Zealand. They are often seen in a large amount and are visited by thousands of fascinated tourists every year. No one knows how they got there.

Ice Caves

There are a few examples on this list that highlight some of the strange things caused by nature. Some things, however, make you doubt just how real these photos can be! This photo of an ice cave is one of those examples.


While it might seem crazy to imagine the existence of ice caves outside the world cinema, they do exist in cold parts of the world. As you can see in the photo, the whole cave gets surrounded by ice. This happens when the temperatures stay below 0°C for over a year or so.

Frosted Flowers

You would think there to be no vegetation in the arctic areas, let alone flowers. How can plants grow, or flowers blossom, in such cold weather? Well, that’s the amazing thing about nature. It does things that you can’t even think possible.


While these flowers are nothing like the ones you’re used to seeing in warmer climates, they are beautiful regardless. These frost flowers on the surface of the sea are actually crystal formations. They appear as a result of rises and falls in the temperature.

Hairy Ice…?

How weird must something be to be called ‘hair ice’? How can the words ‘hair’ and ‘ice’ combine to represent a thing made by Mother Nature? Well, we live to be astonished, don’t we? There are actual things in life that form as a result of special circumstances – collectively known as hair ice.


As amazing as the concept may sound, hair ice is a real thing. And weirdly yet, it’s natural too! When water drops make their way through the ice that has accumulated over dead pieces of forest, they freeze and make a shape which causes them to look like hair.

Stones That Sail

Did you know there are stones that ‘sail’ from point A to point B? You might think that these stones have a mind of their own, but this isn’t actually the case. The truth, as always, has a rational reason as to why this happens.


The strange movement takes place when the ice melts. This causes the stones to move as if somebody were pushing them down a hill. Even huge rocks can slide a long distance due to a reduction in the friction between the ground and their surface.


Any type of storm can be wild, but you don’t know about storms until you’ve heard about or seen maelstroms. If you saw one in a movie, you might have thought, ‘surely, this can’t be real?’ In truth, but they are as real as anything else in nature.


Maelstroms are strong whirlpools that can engulf humans, animals, and even some small ships. Most scary is the fact that they do this within a fraction of a second. Once you are trapped in a maelstrom, there is no way out.

Turquoise Ice

Lake Baikal in Russia is one of the deepest lakes in the world. Overall, it contains around one-fifth of all the freshwater in the world. You would think that its unique qualities would stop there, but they don’t.


The lake is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since it also contains something incredibly beautiful. Because the water is completely fresh, it forms turquoise ice when it freezes. As you can see: the sight is breathtaking! Find out about some of the strangest items found in ice here.

Rainbow Trees

Rainbows can be seen for miles over mountains, on the horizon during a voyage, and even seen in a rainforest. However, you would never expect to see them running across tree trunks. Something like that has to be fake, right?


Well, wrong. There are some eucalyptus trees that have contrasting beams of color running along their bark. This makes it look like someone is shining rainbows on them. Most of the time, the observable colors are maroon, purple, orange, green, and blue. Occasionally, you can see others from time to time.

Icebergs with Stripes

One of the most dangerous aspects of icebergs is how their clean white look can go unnoticed by ships in the snowy waters. Well, sailors won’t have that problem when looking at these striped icebergs!


These icebergs can be seen across Antarctica with an inexplicable striped pattern across them. Aside from looking amazing, they are also helping ships stay clear from them. Nature can be helpful, sometimes! Thankfully, this photographer managed to catch a snap of these natural occurrences.

Supercell Storms

You’ve heard of hurricanes, tornadoes, and tsunamis – but what about supercell storms? These can be some of the scariest natural storms ever to battle humans. Even though supercell storms are rare, don’t let that calm you.


These terrors can be found in high, wet plain lands. They can be incredibly turbulent and unpredictable. The fact we even have this photo is a testament to the bravery of the photographer! Have you ever seen one of these amazing storms before?

Russian Light Pillars

Russia is a huge country with many natural occurrences across its landscapes. Whether it’s on the ground or in the sky, you can be sure to find an amazing experience somewhere in its region. These light pillars are no exception.


You might think that this is a display of shooting stars, or perhaps even rockets falling from the sky. The science behind it is actually pretty straightforward. It is simply light from the moon hitting ice crystals and bouncing off them.

Blue Ice

Iceland may be modest in population, but it is mighty in glaciers! Here, we can see how some of these natural floating giants give off an incredibly blue glow when they travel across the water. But how is this possible?


Well, the glaciers aren’t actually blue at all. It turns out they are just reflecting the color of the waters in their ice. The result is an amazing blue glow that is truly amazing. It’s a testament to the clean Icelandic waters, too!

Danxia Landforms

Water and wind are both elements that don’t hold any shape of their own, but they absolutely have the ability to shape things which they surround. If you visit the Danxia landforms in the outskirts of China, you will see both the wind and water truly in action.


The amazing natural landscape has been covered in beautiful colors and designs by the strong gusts of water and wind. Some mounts have a bright, rusty color while others are green and blue with parts of yellow. The result is pretty spectacular, unlike this next image…

Mummified Rivers

We all love watching mummies come back to life in the movies. But what happens if you get mummified by a lake?


Yes, you read that right. The Deadly Lake in Tanzania (‘Lake Natron’) actually turns living things into calcified mummies. This includes natural plants, animals, and birds. Since the lake is full of calcium carbonate, it can basically calcify any living being that pays it a visit. Next time you think about diving in, maybe give it a miss?


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