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Birch Security Services are a leading security company operating throughout the UK, providing a full range of security services including private, business and retail security guard services, mobile patrols, door supervisors, concierge services as well as installation and maintenance of CCTV and alarm systems.

Born out of years of experience in UK Police Forces and later in the custom electronics industry. This has allowed for a highly knowledgeable and forward thinking approach to both manned security and electronic security systems.

With customer service and the desire to protect at our core, we believe we have a unique approach to all levels of security meaning that our clients get more than just a security guard or security system.

CCTV Installation - Protecting what matters to you

The most important thing to a person committing a crime is not being caught. CCTV is a major deterrent as it means that not only does the criminal have to contend with the crime but they must now also disguise themselves. This often makes them stand out before the crime has been attempted.

The correct design of your CCTV system is key to it being fit for purpose. Whether it be one camera or one hundred, numerous considerations need to be taken before choosing a system:

  • What area is to be covered

  • What functionality is required from the cameras (ie Zoom, Infra Red, video quality)

  • How it will be viewed - Smart phone, TV's, a control room, etc.

  • What recording ability is required

  • What is being protected

  • Is remote access required

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CCTV System Maintenance

Like any technology, the correct maintenance of it is key to its longevitiy.

We offer maintenance packages for new and existing CCTV systems which all include annual service, no call out fee, changes to existing systems plus discounts on additions or new systems.

Security Alarms - Meeting your needs

Whether it's an existing system that needs updating, a new wired system or a wireless system that is required, you can be assured that our security alarms are designed and installed to do exactly what you need them to do.... protect your home or business.

Obviously we cannot prevent every crime against our clients, however we ensure that our systems hinder or stop the progress of a crime and so reduce a client's loss. In many cases, a properly designed and installed security alarm will help notify the client the second any incident happens and thus forcing potential offenders to flee.

Alarm Maintenance

Don't leave it to chance, your security systems need to be check regularly to ensure they are working to their optimum performance and keeping your property safe and protected all-year round.

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Other services include:

Manned Guarding

Retail Security

Licensed Premises Security


Alarm Systems

Private Investigation

Mobile Patrol

Key Holding

Protection at it's finest

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