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Drink more water, save money & donate with AquAid and The Africa Trust

Drinking water to save lives, sounds easy doesn't it? And actually it is... to date, more than £4.1 million has been spent building Elephant Pumps, bringing life-saving water to more than 82 thousand people.

The Africa Trust

Founded by AquAid in 2010, the mission of the Africa Trust is to bring sustainable solutions to poverty in Africa.

One of the most effective ways to end the cycle of poverty is to empower a community to care for itself. From the ground up, we have helped fund orphanages, improve clinics, pay school fees and provide skills training; giving many thousands of children and adults the opportunity to rise above their circumstance and strengthen their community.

Part of this sustainable development includes providing access to clean productive water and decent sanitation. With every bottle of water that we supply, a 30p donation is made to the Africa Trust along with a £20 per annum donation for every mains-fed water cooler installed. Thanks to your support, we have helped the Africa Trust build more than 5,000 water pumps, also known as Elephant Pumps, in communities across Africa, bringing life-giving water to thousands of people every day.

As a girl child in my family I used to walk 1km to fetch water but now that we have an elephant pump near our home it’s now easy for me and I am now going to school early after fetching water.

How can you contribute?

We know that good hydration contributes to workers’ health and safety, and that even mild levels of dehydration adversely affect both physical and mental performance. AquAid believe strongly in keeping dehydration at bay and boosting performance and productivity wherever possible.

Not only can you maximise employee productivity, but you also choose a solution that benefits others, because with each purchase an automatic donation is made to charity, to help bring clean, life-giving water to impoverished communities in Africa.

And there are some great offers available for members of Handpicked Wetherby

Hot Water Boiler : Rental : £260 per annum ( only £5 per week) – For unlimited filtered boiling water. Includes installation, filter changes, de-scale, full maintenance contract (all parts & labour) & charity donation.

Mains Fed Water Cooler : Rental : £182 per annum (£3.50 per week). For unlimited filtered chilled water. Includes installation, filter changes, full maintenance contract. (all parts & labour) and charity donation.

Bottle Fed Water Cooler : Rental/ Sanitisation @ £2.50 per week, Bottled Water (18.9 litre) @ £5 per bottle (no min order). Includes installation & full maintenance contract (all parts & labour), charity donation.

Good news. If you choose to use AquAid as you water cooler provider, but are currently in contract with another supplier, we can usually offer our machines FOC of rental and sanitisation, until the renewal date is reached. This gives you low pricing, and the customer service we are very proud of. Please ask about bespoke rental agreements which work around your requirements.

For more information contact David Todd on 07956 655812

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