Apply for a primary school

If your child was born between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016 they should start primary school in September 2020 and you will need to make an application for a place at a primary school.

How to apply

Your application must be completed before 15 January 2020.

You can apply now.


We write to families to invite you to apply for a place, the Invitation to apply letter (PDF, 367 KB)link to document provides information about the application process, however you do not need this letter to apply for a reception place.

Catchment or priority areas

Some schools in Leeds prioritise applications for children who live locally. This is called a catchment priority area or nearest priority area. If you live in one of these areas, your child will have a better chance of getting into that school.

If you live in Leeds you can use our search tool to find the priority school for your address.


If you are not a resident of Leeds (you pay council tax to a different local authority) you will need to apply through your own local authority, even if you wish to apply for a place at a Leeds school. If you live outside of Leeds you may still live in a priority area for a Leeds school. Find out by checking the maps in our find a school pages.


You can preference up to five schools as part of your application. We recommend that you use all five preferences and read the admissions policies for each of the schools. Individual school admission policy information is available in our find a school pages. You may also want to read the section called "how places are offered" below.

Important dates for primary school applications

Primary school applications, important dates

15 January 2020

Deadline for applying

12 February 2020

Late application or changes deadline for the Leeds City Council admissions policy

16 April 2020

National Offer Day - offers released from 9am onwards

30 April 2020

First cut off for waiting list requests

15 May 2020

Deadline for accepting offers and first cut off for appeal forms

June to July 2020

Appeals heard by Independent appeal panels

May to August 2020

Places allocated from the waiting list

September 2020

Start primary school

Admissions Policies

There are different types of schools in Leeds. Some Leeds schools use the Leeds City Council Admissions Policy 2020-21(PDF, 527 KB)link to document and other schools use their own policies.

Schools prioritise applications in different ways. If you are applying for a school place and meet specific criteria for example, faith, previously looked after and catchment area. Please read the school's full admissions policy as you may need to supply a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) and additional information to either the Local Authority or direct to the school.

It is important that you check the admissions policy for the schools you are applying for to understand where on their ranked list of applications your child might be.

You can find a school's individual's admissions policy using our Find a school page.

If you are want your application to be considered under a specific criteria in the Leeds City Council's admissions policy complete the relevant form and return to

previously looked after by the local authority (1a supplementary information form) (PDF, 168 KB)link to documentexceptional needs (1b supplementary information form) (PDF, 201 KB)link to documentrequest to be admitted outside of normal age group (admission out of chronological year group form) (PDF, 176 KB)

Before you apply

Before you apply we would advise you to:

  • visit the schools you are interested in applying for before you making your application to ensure that you are making an informed choice

  • read the information in the primary school brochure (PDF, 20 MB)link to document including the school information and oversubscription criteria to ensure you include school(s) where your child has a realistic chance of being offered a place

  • speak to staff in school or call the Admissions Team on 0113 222 4414 to clarify any issues you are not sure about

  • consider how your child will get to school and the potential transport costs

Before the closing date

Before the closing date on 15 January 2020 we would advise you to:

  • complete your online application and check you have received confirmation that this has been submitted

  • tell us of up to 5 schools you would prefer and read the admissions policies for each of these schools

  • if you are claiming exceptional medical or mobility needs (priority 1b) (PDF, 201 KB)link to document, check that your preferred school considers exceptional circumstances as part of their admissions criteria and provide any additional information necessary

  • complete and returned any supplementary information forms (SIFs) and supporting evidence if you are applying for a school place and meet specific criteria such as faith, previously looked after by the local authority


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