5 Smart Storage Solutions for a New Year's Declutter

by Sara haggis - Hartley's

There’s a fine line between homely and cluttered, and the festive season more often than not brings about the latter.

With extra storage required for gifts received, from shoes and throws to electronics, books and board games, your whole living space may well be feeling the big squeeze.

As we usher in the New Year, many of us will have ‘a good sort out’ on our list of resolutions; you may even have plans for a more dramatic transformation of your home. Regardless of the size of your project, adequate storage provision is essential for combatting clutter by making it easier to tidy things away (and find them again!). These are our ideas for a less stressful and more harmonious home…

The Shoe Rack Saviour

Shoe racks are a must-have storage solution if you don’t want to waste time searching for your favourite boots beneath a pile of smelly wellies and trainers. You’ll also want to ensure your footwear stays in top notch condition. Wherever you keep your collection , fitted rails can solve your shoe-storing woes, utilising previously redundant and wasted space beneath clothes rails in the bedroom, which will be hidden away, or beneath coat hooks in the porch, which will look neat and orderly.

Wardrobe Essentials

Shoes aren’t the only items that are likely to be ‘clogging’ up your home. Storing coats, occasion wear, thick jumpers and accessories, such as handbags and ties, can be a challenge. Throwing them into the wardrobe with the rest of your clothes means they could get mislaid, creased or damaged. Coats and dresses require an area suitable for long-hanging items, thick jumpers need deep shelving and accessories are best filed away in interior drawers or on rails. By investing

in furniture that has tailored compartments for those everyday basics, you can get your wardrobe in order.

Space for Bulky Bedding

Over the years, we seem to accumulate an inordinate amount of bed linen, pillows and duvets. But without a cupboard large enough to keep them all together, you’ll likely have bedding scattered in random places around the house. Over the bed cupboards or deep, wide wardrobe shelving will keep bed linen and other bulky items, such as towels, out of the way, thus giving your spare bedding and bathroom textiles a cool, dry home to ensure they stay in perfect condition.

At Home In The Office

Whether you work from home, or need an organised space for your home admin, your aperwork, files and office resources need a designated home if you ever wish to locate them again. Whilst a grey steel filing cabinet may do the job, you can avoid this eyesore by choosing bespoke furniture instead. A tailormade design will be both aesthetically pleasing and ensure that the time you spend

in your study is as productive and efficient as possible. From a corner desk with drawers or cupboards tucked beneath, to vertical shelves to make the space feel less enclosed, bespoke storage will help keep the clutter at bay and your

home more organised.

Books, DVDs and Your Vinyl Record Collection

If your book collection is rapidly turning into the leaning tower of Pisa, it may be time to invest in some bespoke shelving. Organised and displayed well, books and your media collection can make your house look inviting, comfortable and full of character. So instead of letting them pile up in your living room, harness your favourite tales, films and music to create a statement feature with an innovative storage solution.

From multipurpose solutions to furniture which embraces quirky architectural features, fitted furniture will improve the look of your room and make it feel bigger.

So if you’re looking for savvy storage that slots in seamlessly with the rest of your décor, Hartleys Rooms offer a bespoke service, working with you to create exactly what you need from your space.

You can visit us online at www.hartleysbedrooms.co.uk or call us on tel 01756 700471 to arrange a home design visit.

This is a featured article from our latest E-Magazine (January 2021) to read to full issue click here

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