4 ways to use the New Year to promote your business

The turn of the calendar year is one of the most globally relatable annual events, and a great opportunity to catch the interest of potential customers. Here are four ways to join the new year buzz that dominates January. Use them to stand out from your competition, drive engagements, and increase sales. (Oh, and Happy New Year! )

Celebrate new beginnings

To many people, the annual flip to January signifies a fresh start. Reach these optimistic individuals by emphasizing the idea of beginning again.

Share tips and tricks

This time of year many people are looking to pick up a hobby or learn something new. Tweet your expertise and encourage them to try new things and make your products a part of their 2017 adventure. 

Frame your product with humour

Not every business can easily align its goods or services with the conversations people have about the new year, so consider using that contrast for timely humour. For example, a bakery might declare 2017 “the year of biscuits” to encourage January dieters to drop the charade. 

Lead the way for planners

Whether someone is making new year resolutions or not, January is a time for planning. Create content that shows your expertise and draws customers in.

For example, a travel company might Tweet tips about planning trips months in advance, or a restaurant could target local foodies and remind them to book special dinners before reservations disappear.

Now you’re ready to toast the year ahead with fresh marketing ideas.


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