4 Themed Christmas Party Ideas

The snow is starting to fall, at least somewhere in the world, advent calendar doors are flying open and the season for holiday parties is upon us. But surely this year we can do better than a prolonged party parade of ‘wear your Christmas jumper’, and er, that’s it. Instead, keep guests on their toes by throwing a curveball, and a great soiree to match. With that in mind, here are 4 IDEAL themed Christmas party ideas.


For the family full of budding chefs, where the argument isn’t about who has to cook but rather who misses out, consider hosting a ‘masterchef’ party. After all, there’s no other time of year quite like Christmas for the family fireworks to fly quite so dramatically when the board games and competitive streaks come out. This party idea features stations for guests to make their dishes and share with the group; marks out of ten, of course, are optional. Perhaps the amount of empty plates is a better judge of the winner? Don’t expect anyone who isn’t comfortable in the kitchen to be thrilled with this idea, though. After all the feasting, fun and subsequent food coma of this party, you might need a home lift to transport you to your bed.


Everybody loves karaoke (well, most-body) and Christmas time brings with it a whole new set of holiday songs which everyone always knows the words to. So consider hosting a holiday karaoke party for your friends and family to enjoy. Adding alcohol to the mix will help your friends create a loose-tongued, playful atmosphere where people are more willing to sing. Add a photo booth to the mix and you’ve reached event based nirvana.


If your friends love giving gifts to one another, consider hosting a secret Santa exchange for the crew. This idea could be paired with any of the others on this list for maximum effect. As the host, invite your guests to bring items based on a theme. And if your crew has plenty of gifts, consider hosting a gift-wrapping party for charity where you and your friends wrap gifts for toy drives or other charity endeavours. Your friends will enjoy the general atmosphere and company and knowing you all did something beneficial for the community.


If you want your theme to be super specific and leave little room for interpretation, consider celebrating with Jack Skellington and the gang. Tim Burton’s iconic movie is a cult hit, and your guests will appreciate the theme’s focus. As well as dressing up, ask them to bring food items or gifts related to this theme for maximum effect.


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