Bath house under attack by vandals

Residents are being asked to help stop vandals who are targeting a historic Wetherby building.

The Elizabethan Bath House in Jubilee Gardens is under constant attack according to town councillor and former Mayor Coun Harry Chapman.

“Maintenance is done by the Property Committee but lately we have had many windows and window frames broken by vandals,” said Coun Chapman.

The Bath House in Wetherby. (1709095AM2)

We repair them but they are quickly broken again.”

He added: “The windows are small at the Bath House but are shaped and fit into a shaped window frame. “When the vandals throw rocks at it they not only break the glass but the frame also.

“This has happened several times and after the last one we have just boarded it up.

“It is not a pleasant sight and not one we want for Wetherby or its visitors so we are now working on ways of showing the windows again but making them safe from vandals.

“At the same time as this we want to make the Bath House more available and pleasant to visit.”

Coun Chapman, who has set up sub committee to try to improve the problems and provide better access to the bath house, added: “On top of this problem we have access problems to the pool, and condensation problems affecting the plastering.”

Coun Chapman said they do not have a cost for the work, which is ongoing and is due to be finished by the summer, but expected it to run into thousands of pounds.

The Bath House was restored about 20 years ago from a ruin and is often used by Wetherby in Bloom for coffee mornings and is available for use by community groups for fundraising events.

Coun Chapman added: “Various Civic Societies from around the country often ask to see it and I make it my duty to ensure it is available at any time.”

He said he is keen to ensure its continued existence and is keen to stamp out the attacks on the building.

“If anyone can help identify those who are constantly damaging the precious building, please do not hesitate to contact me,” added Coun Chapman.

Information on vandalism can be given to police on 101.


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