How do I tone up?

How do I tone up?

First and foremost, there is no one such thing as toning up.

‘Toning up’ is actually a combination of two processes:

1.) A reduction in body fat % 2.) Building some lean muscle

To explain simply: Think of a tennis ball on your mattress. You don’t see it under the duvet, but you would see it or an impression of it, under just the bed sheet.

So if ‘toning up’ breaks down into those two goals then where do I start?

1. A reduction in body fat OR losing weight

This really starts and ends in the kitchen. Sure we can exercise to burn some calories, but really it’s the 23 hours out of the gym that count most. Food, food, food. If you have read any of our other posts you will be aware that this does NOT mean dieting. It means eating lots of the ‘right’ foods, so your body feels satisfied whilst also creating a caloric deficit (see previous post ‘What should I eat to lose weight’.

2. Building some lean muscle

So for this you need to undertake the right type of resistance training as part of your exercise programme, taking a full body approach (you don’t want to look uneven, trust me). First up though, if you are someone not wanting to bulk up, then fear not, doing so is a total myth if you don’t want to:

a. Females have a different hormonal make up to males and

b. The types of training are again slightly different. We all have skeletal muscle, by engaging in the right types of training you can:

  • Build a little more, giving definition and shape

  • Increase the efficiency of that muscle

  • Increase the strength of your joints and bones

  • Move better

  • Look and FEEL a whole lot better

There are many types of resistance based training and which type, intensity and technique depends on your goal and starting point. In principle, resistance based training put’s a force on the muscle group you are working, causing fatigue and then adaption (progression). From bodyweight squats and pressups to more complex Olympic lifting, like all things health & fitness, it’s personal.

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