Christmas tree stolen from school

Thieves left children “upset” after stealing a Christmas display from a Wetherby school the day before breaking up for the festive holidays.

When the Crossley Street Primary Superintendent arrived at school last Thursday morning he found that one of the three-feet tall Christmas trees had been stolen.

Headteacher Gavin Hirst told the News last Friday: “Every year, we buy two Christmas trees from the Wetherby Business Association for the front of school.

“These have always been a lovely way to help get the children, staff and passers-by in the mood for Christmas.”

He said that to steal the tree, thieves had climbed up the outside of the building and also damaged cabling which keeps the gates closed.

“So not only did they steal a Christmas tree from primary school children the day before they broke up for Christmas, but in doing so, they put their safety at risk,” added Mr Hirst.

“The staff and pupils were very upset by the theft but despite the heartless and selfish actions of the criminals, they continued with their festive celebrations in school and have today, broken up for the Christmas holidays with smiles on their faces.”


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