7 Haunted Houses in Yorkshire

As Halloween creeps up on us, it seemed only right for us to take a look at seven haunted houses across Yorkshire. From Dracula at Whitby Abbey to the hobgoblins of the North York Moors, there are spooky stories across the region - in fact, it was once ranked as the most haunted county in England. Let’s take a look at some of the places where the paranormal exists…

30 East Drive, Pontefract

The fact that a horror film - When the Lights Went Out - was based on “The Black Monk of Pontefract” for which this home is famous for tells you all you need to know. Dating back to the 1960s, it looks like a standard three-bed semi-detached home that you’d find on a council estate.

However, it is home to ‘Europe’s most violent poltergeists’. As the story goes, it dragged a teenage girl around by her hair and tried to strangle her with an electrical wire. Reports go back more than 40 years here and Yvette Fielding, from the television programme Most Haunted, said it was the most terrifying location she had ever visited.

If you have the stomach for it, check out a video into paranormal investigation - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXTOKiTMNa0

Armley Mills, Leeds

Built in the 1500s, it is best known for being the world’s largest woollen mill from 1788 before being ravaged by a fire in 1805. An eerie looking building, it employed cheap labour - often children - and is now the Leeds Industrial Museum.

Paranormal experiences include doors slamming shut, the ghost of a man in a top hat and cape, a Victorian woman in black dress who is believed to be searching for a child and a young boy crying. Also known as the ‘Satanic Mills of Armley’, there are often a couple of ghost hunt events during the year.

Temple Newsam, Leeds

A grand Tudor mansion that’s mentioned in the Domesday Book, it’s a sure thing for spooky tales and a colourful history. It is known for the Blue Lady, a woman (Mary Ingram) who was robbed of her pearl necklace and went mad trying to find them, thinking she’d lost them. Sightings have been reported of her roaming the house and pushing past people. Other stories including a small boy and monks in brown robes.

Bolling Hall, Bradford

First built in the medieval era, the first reported sighting of a ghost came in 1643 - and this is believed to be the first paranormal activity recorded in the UK. Full of character, the building is just outside Bradford, was once a royalist stronghold during the Civil War and today is a museum and education centre.

There have been more than 20 sightings and the most well-known is that of the White Lady who floats across rooms and disappears into a fireplace. Other paranormal activity includes the sound of footsteps on the stairs, voices, heavy breathing and slamming doors. Check it out for yourself at one of the Bolling Hall ghost hunting events.

The Golden Fleece, York

Known as the most haunted pub in the city, the building dates back to 1503 and sits opposite the historic Shambles. The rear yard is named after Lady Alice Peckett, and this is the reported ghost. Here, with here husband, John - the Lord Mayor of York - lived here around 1702. She has been seen wandering the corridors and staircases in the night and moving furniture. Find out more at the official Golden Fleecewebsite.

Carbrook Hall, Sheffield

Dating back to 1176 when it was owned by the Blind family, this historic house is found in the Attercliffe district of Sheffield. Frequently visited by ghost hunters, there have been reports of the sounds of children playing through the night as well as Civil War soldiers appearing from nowhere. A few landlords have all had the same experience of seeing a man from the top of the stairs who rushes down the stairs and vanishes at the bottom.

Nunnington Hall, near York

Located in stunning countryside in North Yorkshire, this country house is from the 17th century and reported stories include the spectre of Lady Nunnington and many child spirits. These tales include hearing the dress of the Lady along the staircase followed by weeping as well as opening and slamming doors and children’s whispering.

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