Bribe Yourself

We're sharing a life hack a day to incorporate into your daily life regardless of how old you are, what your lifestyle looks like, or what specific issues you're dealing with. They are small rituals you can add, or perspectives you can try, to feel better.

Bribe Yourself

Bribing yourself doesn't have to mean giving into major indulgences. Rather, this life hack is a way to get through the tasks you least want to do, while rewarding yourself for what you've done after you've put in hard work.

"If you have an unpleasant task and you just can't get motivated to start, why not bribe yourself?" Godfrey says. "Set a deadline and decide upon your reward. A movie? A pedicure? A massage? A day off from chores? You decide."

Keeping a promise to yourself can help you break the spell of beating yourself up, and help power you through a task you've been putting off.

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