18 DIY Halloween Hacks You Can Make From Stuff You Already Have!

You don’t need to spend big bucks this year to make your home a fun and festive place for Halloween!

With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can serve up some tasty Halloween snacks (including healthy ones), create fun and whimsical decorations, and surprise your friends and family with a variety of homemade treats and surprises.

1. Boo-Juice

2. Spooky Ghost Milk Jugs

Click here for simple step by step instructions

3. Little Candy Orange Pumpkins

4. Styrofoan Spiders

Spray styrofoam balls (the ones pictured are 6” in diameter) with several coats of black spray paint, waiting for the paint to dry for a minute in between coats. Then push in black pipe cleaners, bending them to look like spider legs!

5. Serve Dinner Dracula Style

6. Ghost Garland

Click here for simple step by step instructions

7. Melted Crayon Pumpkin

Using a white pumpkin, glue around 16 colorful crayons cut in half around the stem. After the glue has dried, has a hair dryer to melt them.

8. Witch Finger Sticks

Dip pretzel slices into green chocolate melt and add sliced almonds for fingernails!

9. Duct Tape a Pumpkin with Colourful Tape for a Fun Effect

10. Mad Science Shots

Serve shots (or juice for kids) in plastic syringes!

11. Jack-O-Lantern Mandarin Oranges

These make a great alternative to candy!

12. Hanging Googly Bats

13. Fall Leaf Mason Jars

14. Bloody Candles

15.Mummy Dogs

This is fun to make with your kids. Click here for the recipe!

16. Graveyard Pudding Snack

Click here for the recipe!

17. Pumpkin Guacamole

18. Spider Dip Web

Click here for instructions!

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