Leeds Festival: The essentials you need to camp out at the music event

Pack up some home comforts to ensure the best festival camping experience

The exciting line-up of artists and lively atmosphere may be the highlight of an outdoor summer music event, but a big part of the festival fun is camping out.

The ever popular Leeds Festival, which will take place from Friday 24 to Sunday 26 August at Bramham Park, offers a gloriously long weekend to camp under the stars, with festival-goers able to pitch up as early as Wednesday 22.

Camp cookers, fuel and firelighter stoves, disposable BBQs and spirit burners are all permitted for use on the campsite at Leeds Festival

So if you're headed to the event next month with your tent in tow, here's a handy checklist of essentials to ensure your camping experience will be a comfortable one.

A tent

Unless you want to sleep out in the open, a tent should be the first item on your packing list when festival bound.

Opting for one that is one size bigger than you think you'll need will offer the luxury of a bit of added space, freeing up plenty of room for your clothes and backpacks.

Coolers will be a welcome addition to your festival camping on warm days

And you'll have enough space to sleep comfortably, without feeling too boxed in.

A tent tarp

Give yourself a bit of protection from the sun (or rain) by taking along a tent tarp to fashion on the outside of your tent.

Lightweight, waterproof options are best to prepare you in the event of adverse weather and if it is scorching hot, you'll certainly be glad of the shade.

Sleeping bag and pillow

Even in summer, it can get chilly on an evening - particularly when you're sleeping in a field.

Make sure you take along a quality sleeping bag to keep you cosy on a night and throw in a travel pillow for that extra bit of comfort.

Roll mat or air mattress

The ground can be both cold and hard, so you'll be glad of taking a roll mat along with you to provide some welcome cushioning and insulation during the night.

And if you want the utmost in camping luxury, taking along an air mattress is your best bet at getting a good night's sleep.


Blankets In keeping with the cosy theme, you can't have too many blankets when it comes to camping.

Take along a couple is a good bet, using one to lay on the floor of your tent and the other for some extra insulation if the evening's get cool.

Camping stove, cooking utensils and cutlery

Greenheat Base Camp Cookers, solid fuel and firelighter stoves, disposable BBQs and Trangia spirit burners are all permitted for use on the campsite at Leeds Festival, so be sure to take along some food you can easily whip up at your base.

Don't forget to pack essential utensil and cutlery items as well, such as pans, plates and silverware.


Perfect for keeping your drinks icy cold in the warm weather, a cooler will prove to be a welcome addition to your festival camping kit.

But if you're keen to lighten the load, a soft cooler is a great alternative to the heavy duty box.

Foldable chairs

Don't underestimate the power of comfort when camping - a foldable chair can make a world of difference.

Unless you want to sit on the hard (and potential water-logged) grass all weekend, you might be glad of taking along a lightweight chair to relax in.

A torch

It may not be a luxury item, but a head or hand held torch can prove to be mighty handy when trying to find your way back to your tent in the pitch black.


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