A complete guide to twitter networking

There are two questions that we often get asked when talking to clients about their social media strategies:

  • How can we expand our audience?

  • How can we engage more in relevant conversations?

Of course, there are many answers to these questions, but when it comes to engaging with new audiences there are few better starting points than Twitter networking hours. Here we look at what they are, why they are such a powerful tool, and how organisations can and should get involved.

What are Twitter Networking Hours?

It’s no secret that increasingly conversations and interactions are moving online, and networking is no different. The power of traditional face-to-face networking can be amplified on Twitter where your potential audience grows from a handful to thousands.

With this in mind, Twitter networking hours create the perfect stage to showcase your brand, services or products to your target audiences, in an environment open to new ideas. Individuals, organisations, and brands are using Twitter as a platform to network with each other by using specific hashtags on set days and times – just like real-life face-to-face networking.

It is as simple as using the appropriate hashtag within your tweet to join the conversation and start building contacts and relationships!

Why should your organisation join the conversation?

1. Perfect match for localised organisations – although there are twitter networking hours for almost every topic that you could think of, location-based hashtags can really suit organisations with sites across the UK. Local social media accounts are valuable because of the connection that local colleagues have with their community and so by focusing on these relationships, organisations are more likely to reap positive results, whether that is anything from more click throughs to your website, to more signups to a local event.

2. Receptive audience – engagement with Twitter content during networking hours tend to be higher than average since other organisations and individuals have chosen to join the conversation. They too are looking to develop relationships and engage with others in their area or topic of interest.

3. Market research – regardless of whether organisations participate in the networking or not, listening into these hours is still a great opportunity to see what your target audiences are talking about and how you can tailor your offering accordingly. Alternatively learn from your competitors and how they are engaging to hone your message.

4. Brand awareness – for many organisations, the first step in growing their audience is all about brand awareness. Dropping into these networking sessions is an effective way to spread the word. Although the true value is in engaging in conversations, not just sales messages, so striking a balance is key!

5. Develop local partnerships – local partnerships can deliver great value for all types of organisations from charities to complementary businesses and Twitter is the perfect forum to identify these opportunities.

How to get involved!

All that’s left to do is explore the Twitter networking hours that are relevant to your organisation and start tweeting...happy social networking!


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