Oops! These Kids Accidentally Revealed Their Parents’ Secrets With Their Hilarious Drawings

There couldn’t be a better quote than “kids say the darndest things!” In this case, kids drew the darndest things and inadvertently revealed behaviors their parents might prefer to keep away from the public eye. This list includes some of the most hilarious kids’ drawings ever!

Mom Transformation

There is really no better way to get called out than by your children who see you at your worst and your best. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that little eyes are watching you and yet they always are. This photo is one hilarious example of that. The mom’s transformation is particularly well documented. From how mom looks when she wakes up in total disarray with wide eyes and crazy hair to her “going out look” complete with red lipstick, eyelashes and pink high heels – this kid nailed it! We think this tiny critic might have a future in comedy one day.

Chubby Problems

Here we have one of those early elementary exercises where a child is learning how to compose complete sentences. While there was probably some context missing here, the kiddo filling out their homework took it upon themselves to give a creative and honest answer. When answering the question, “Who ate the most at the picnic?” the child answered, “My dad. He is chubby. He has a problem.” Ouch, well that’s one way to address a burgeoning weight problem, although the father in this equation would have probably preferred it not be addressed to his child’s teacher and class. If you can count on little ones for anything it is definitely the brutal truth.

World's Greatest... Farter?!

Aw, how sweet. This little innocent child decided to make a card for his father that reads “World’s greatest father!” Oh, wait, he crossed out father and wrote “farter” instead. This is actually the perfect joke for dads, the world’s biggest connoisseurs of fart jokes. Even better is the tiny illustration which seems to show some kind of poisonous gaseous cloud along with a skull and crossbones poison symbol in the middle of it. Perhaps the kid who wrote this is on their way to one day become a dad joke master. If that’s the case, he’s definitely off to a fantastic start.

The Mom Fake Out

Like the previous card which started out super sweet and aww-worthy, this one also took a savage turn. “Thank you, mom, for being wonderful, caring… and for not making your meatloaf anymore.” Mom’s cooking must have been pretty horrible for it to be the subject of a card. On second thought, this card seems like it might have been made by a sneaky teenager. Either that or this young kid really hates meatloaf. Oh well, we’re sure that this mom was delighted to get a card no matter the occasion. At least her kid did recognize that she is also wonderful and caring!

A Little Too Honest

Most moms might indulge in a glass of wine in order to unwind from the stresses of a long week. This mom might partake in the activity a bit more frequently, as it is definitely something that her child has noticed. Much to this particular mom’s horror, their child decided to share their mom’s love of wine with the entire class. Luckily for the mom, we’re sure that if anyone will understand this it’s definitely a teacher. At least it will be a funny memory to look back on one day and we’re sure it was a pretty funny moment for the teacher as well.

The Realistic Note

This one is more of a note than a drawing, but the sentiment remains the same. Clearly, the two parents here are separated or divorced. For one, it’s really sweet that this little girl took the time to write her dad a note about how she and her brother miss him. It’s also pretty hilarious that she notes that although she would want her mom and dad to get back together, it’s not going to happen because “my mom doesn’t like you”. That about sums it up, doesn’t it? At least she is realistic about the situation!

All About Dad

For this drawing, a little kid is taking part in one of those “all about dad or mom” assignments. In this case, dad is the issue at hand. For the part of the assignment that describes what dad does for a living, this kid says he is simply an “employee” which is a pretty hilarious yet apt response. And for what dad enjoys doing, the answer is equally funny – “drinking”. But when your kid thinks that’s all you enjoy doing you might want to question whether you are taking part in drinking a little bit too much!

The Fart Files

This one again comes from the “fart files” and instead of the typical dad, this kid has drawn their mom totally letting one loose. Moms are typically a little bit more touchy about their farts so she was probably none too pleased about being drawn this way. Let’s hope this wasn’t one of those assignments that teachers end up posting on the wall outside the classroom. That might be a little more humiliating than the teacher alone seeing it, however, it would definitely give the rest of the school — especially all the other parents — a laugh.


When asked what mom should do less of, many kids might say that they think mom should do away with punishments or that they should talk on the phone less. However, this kid suggests that mom should drink less wine. That probably means she’s seen her mom indulging quite a bit, so she might want to take her kid’s advice. At least her kid still drew her looking nice in a cute pink dress surrounded with hearts and pretty colors. This mom might want her kid to reveal a little less of her “wine nights” when she’s at school!

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