Glass recycling

Glass is endlessly recyclable, and can be back on the shelf as a new bottle or jar in around 30 days!

However, glass in your black and green household bins cannot be recycled. It gets wasted, meaning that more raw materials and fossil fuels need to be used to create new glass products.

Last year over 15,000 tonnes of glass bottles and jars were thrown away in household bins in Leeds – that’s the weight of 108 blue whales! Dealing with all this glass cost over £1.5 million in disposal costs - money that would have been better spent on other local services.

Click to expandWhat happens to glass in black bins

All the rubbish from black bins in Leeds goes to our recycling and energy recovery facility where it is incinerated. This means that any glass placed in your black bin is wasted, as it will never be recycled into a new bottle or jar.

Click to expandWhat happens to glass in green bins

Glass placed in green bins breaks and gets mixed in with other recyclables. This lowers the quality and purity of recyclable paper, metals and plastics in your green bin.

This lowered quality then makes it harder to sell on to material re-processors to make new products.

We get asked a lot about why we don’t have a kerbside glass collection. We would love to be able to introduce this, but unfortunately don’t have the funds needed to change collection vehicles and routes, provide bins or boxes, and other associated costs.

All your glass – from wine and beer bottles to baby food and sauce jars – can still be recycled at one of over 700 glass recycling banks across the city. Just give your jars a quick rinse first. You can even leave the caps or lids on, as these will get recycled too!

Recycling Hero competition

We’re celebrating the arrival of new bottle banks at Lidl’s Halton store car park with an amazing competition!

Together with Friends of glassexternal link to Friends of glass website and Lidl, we have an iPad Mini, three high street vouchers worth £100 and Lidl goodies up for grabs for recycling heroes in Leeds.

How to enter

take a selfie or a photo of your family/friends recycling glass at any Leeds bottle bank

Post it on Twitter or Facebook with #RecyclingHero and tag @LeedsWasteDocs or /leedswastedocs The five best photos will be chosen to win one of the prizes after the closing date, Sunday 18 March 2018

Find your nearest bottle bank​ Your nearest bottle bank is closer than you think – download the Leeds Bins app to find your nearest, or use the interactive map on this page.

If you have a suggestion for a new glass bank location please contact us at

Let’s all do our bit and Recycle for Leeds.


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