Why a good domain name is great for your business

Your domain name is the thing people type into the address bar of a web browser to get to your website, but more than that it is a vital point of contact between you and your customers. Getting the right one for your business makes you easier to find and easier to remember, and a good domain name can act as a marketing tool in its own right. Here are five tips for getting it right. Use your brand name Quite simply, if your name is Top Taxis, then TopTaxis.com or TopTaxis.co.uk is probably the best domain name you can choose. That’s because, in navigational searches (where someone is searching for your company specifically) having a domain name that matches your brand name makes it easy to get to you. Using your brand also increases your brand signals. Brand signals are simply mentions of your brand on the internet, and are an increasingly important way to be noticed and ranked by search engines. Keep it short As a general rule, your domain name should be under 15 characters, because short, sharp domains are easier to remember. Also, the more characters users have to type in, the more likely they are to make a mistake. With lots of competing opportunities just a click away, the easier it is to get to your website the better.

Avoid being quirky In a nutshell, your domain name should be easy to spell and easy to pronounce (remember, users will sometimes be sharing your name using archaic technology like talking!). For that reason, it’s better to avoid numbers, hyphens and intentional misspellings unless there’s a good reason for having them. Double letters (for example tottaxis.com) are prone to typos and also best avoided. Hyphens in particular are often associated with spam.

Localise – but be careful It can be a good idea to include your local town or region in your domain name. For example, somebody else may well have taken the name TopTaxis.com, but TopTaxisLeeds.com may be both available and relevant. But be careful. If you have ambitions beyond your local town, you may not want to choose a geographically limiting domain. Changing it later will be far more difficult than spending some time getting it right in the first place.

Get more from your domain name You can buy a domain name on its own, or you can buy one with a host of features that make managing it and promoting your business easier.

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