Building strong connections without paying a penny

Hi, I'm Jo Maltby - but you already knew that right?

My life has become all about networking and I love it, why? That's simple, I know the power it holds for my business. It doesn't necessarily always turn into immediate profits but raises awareness of who I am and what I do, helping me build strong connections, who wouldn't hesitate to refer me.

There's the lightbulb - referals - word of mouth, it's like gold dust!

Want it to be YOU that everyone knows, thinks of and recommends?

Hit the 'REGISTER FREE' button below and join us at:

Sant Angelo's Italian Restaurant (we're in the new conservatory at the back)

Tuesday 6th February



Limited numbers and they are almost gone!

Tickets end Monday 5th February at 6pm.

Did we mention it was FREE? What are you waiting for?

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