Business Growth Seminar

We'd love you to join us at a unique event that will show you some innovative ways of using technology to deliver not just today but into the foreseeable future.

Technology is disrupting traditional business methods and it's going to be imperative to adapt to survive, the largest hotelier (AirBnB) don't own any hotels and the largest taxi firm (Uber) don't own any taxis.

We'll be running a workshop in Leeds that sets out methods for building a business that not only survives the next 10 years but thrives. It focuses on transforming your organisation into something that not only innovates but leads from the front.

What's being covered

1. How technology will change business over the next 5 years and how to stay on top.

2. How to innovate in your business, create great teams and amazing client experiences

3. Differentiate yourselves from your competitors and deliver superior solutions

4. Build a Business model that allows to to continually adapt and thrive

5. Lead from the front and create one of the most innovative companies in your industry

Register here

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