I Love Emmerdale!

Well, probably not love but it's certainly my favourite soap. So how does Emmerdale relate to a blog from a sales trainer? Until last Sunday it probably would not have done but now I see a clear correlation.

The set of Emmerdale is at Harewood and I visited there last Sunday. The streets, the church, David’s shop, Dingle and Dingle’s garage, the park and of course the legendary Woolpack were all just there. They look identical to the show, maybe a bit smaller. It was surreal. I took pictures of most shop fronts and a selfie by the park.

Here’s the thing! Behind the facade, the door of the Woolpack and David’s shop, there is nothing! Certainly no bar or shop. There is an admin office, a props store, make up, wardrobe, security but no bar and no shop. Filming at Harewood is a slick process, from make up to wardrobe to set and everything in between. Social media occurs, sandwiches are eaten and yet on the show none of this is seen. The film crew, the cast and even security know and work to a proven process that guarantees slick, efficient filming to produce the six, weekly shows. It was incredible to observe and very impressive.

So, what is the link to selling? Well, it’s simple! Behind every super successful sales person is a process, known as Steps 1 to 11. It’s a process that works. Like the set, or the opening lines for the actors, it might feel rather awkward to begin with but soon it just flows and becomes a natural conversation that leads to the sale.

I learned the process over twenty years ago when Emmerdale was at a completely different location. Then it was called Emmerdale Farm and Jack Sugden was very much alive. For as long as Emmerdale has been showing, I have used and trained on the sales process, a proven, successful process. Of course, it has changed to suit the times, and now includes tools such as LinkedIn and google.

The future for Emmerdale is more great shows and awards, although, spoiler alert, there was a freshly dug grave! At Fun Training For Results we continue to train on the sales process, at Rudding Park, in a fun, memorable and exciting way. It’s time you joined us, to have fun and learn how to sell more!


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