Will you go out with me?

What does asking for referrals have to do with being Vegetarian?

The cringe, the utter dread as you wait in fear for the reply. In that moment your world stops, your mouth goes dry, you had to ask, but let this be over.

Did you ever go through this? As a teenager, as an adult?

The fear factor. Here’s the thing, it’s the same with asking for referrals. Often a sales person is so happy to have got the deal, danced the dance, that the thought of having to ask for more, especially a REFERRAL! Well we sometimes brush over that part of the sale.

But avoid at your peril. Referrals are fantastic: the easy win in sales; they can make you money. Sales referrals are most likely to result in a sale. Your current customer has endorsed YOU, you won’t waste their time and can be trusted. WIN

Heres the thing, if you don't ask, you don’t get, nothing new here, but if referrals are so fabulous, such easy money, why don't we ask?

Simply put, we might once, the first time. It feels awkward, a bit uncomfortable, cringe, we ask and they say no and we ever ask again.

But think on, if every time you meet someone, networked, whatever the business occasion may be, if every time your clients past, present and future knew that at some point you'd be asking for a referral; They will have a referral for you.

Think sweeteners in coffee, or being a vegetarian, when people get to know your habits, they accommodate them. Simply get asking for referrals all the time and You will get referrals. Oh and make money.

A slight note of caution - remember have you earned the referral?

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