​​​​Don't Give Up - We Work In Real life, Stuff Happens.

There is a distinct difference between successful and not, especially in sales. Simply its those who stick with it, keep going forward, head down, crack on, see only winning as an option, that do just that, win.

The timing might be out and the results maybe not in that moment, but be sure the results do happen and with tenacity keep happening.

A confirmed appointment that becomes a no show, does not mean its over, nor call for a day of being P **** off and making sure everyone around you feels your pain. It simply means there was reason more important than your pitch, we work in real life. Stuff happens.

An appointment canceled does not mean its over, it just means in that moment something bigger than your pitch is happening. So reschedule.

How a person reacts and subsequently deals with a cancellation or no show is the difference between winning and wallowing.

The best in the field take the short term hit, know the long term win, loose no sleep nor a moments pace and get on with the job.

Sometimes, it can seem like up an uphill struggle, brilliant, because at the top of the hill, the view is phenomenal. With all that effort, the guarantee, if combined wth a great skill set, success.

So may I suggest , next time you get a cancellation or a no show, smile, reschedule and move on to your next win.


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