Give the customers what they want!

Firstly, I am not a squirrel fan but recently, respect has crept in. Here’s the thing! Squirrels are tenacious, they don’t give up. Squirrels find extraordinary ways to solve problems to get at the food put out for the birds. They study, trial, learn and then crack whatever was intended to prevent them from reaching the food.

I am guessing that many years ago, fancy bird feeders did not exist. Now they come with squirrel busters and still the squirrel wins! The squirrel does not accept the deterrent. It is unaware of the designer’s intention to deter its presence. The clever squirrel simply sees what it wants, the bird food, then sets out to get it.

In sales, we can learn from the squirrel, I know it’s a stretch but it’s true. In a recent meeting, the sales team laid out numerous obstacles that prevented them getting to the main buyers in two supermarket chains. They knew and repeated on loop, all the reasons why it was deemed impossible to get an ”in”.

Now apply squirrel logic to this. Does the squirrel sit down say, “Spot on boys and girls, it’s tricky, probably impossible? Let’s wallow in all the reasons why it’s difficult and then endorse our lack of innovation? “Oh no! Mr Squirrel sees only an opportunity to find an innovative solution for getting to the much sought after prize.

There is always a way, a new, more fantastic, creative, exciting way to get what you want - but you must want it! Really want it! Are you a squirrel of a salesperson, making it happen, breaking the mold, going about things differently? I hope so because that approach makes for an exciting and rewarding career.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Henry Ford knew his stuff and it made him a very wealthy man. We can learn from him and of course, from Mr Squirrel.

At Fun Training For Results we embrace new, fun, memorable ways to learn to sell, to get to the bird feed (not literally, of course, unless that’s your product!). Maybe time you signed up with us?

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