Family Photographer in Wetherby

My first professional assignment of 2017 was a very spontaneous indoor shoot on a cold, dark winter’s evening at the beginning of January. Jens wanted some relaxed family shots before his daughter departed on her gap year.

They welcomed me into their lovely home for the shoot and we set about creating some fantastic images of a relaxed and happy family unit. I love photographing people in the places where they feel most comfortable, whether outdoors or indoors, spring, summer, autumn or winter, as it helps them to be natural and relaxed, thereby producing excellent photographs. We are all delighted with the outcome of our evening’s work and they have some lasting reminders of the enjoyment they find in each other’s company.

I know from experience that once your children leave the family home, it can become very difficult to get everyone together to record those special times.

If you would like to book a family lifestyle photoshoot in your home or favorite location, please contact me.

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