“Call 999 it’s an emergency! No, wait, shall we text, email, write, tweet, snap chat or dm 999?”

The driving was beyond dangerous; M40 busy, car chase over 120 mph, undertaking. Someone was going to have an accident. I called 999.

The armed robbers were busy raiding the jewellers, the ladies in the estate agent’s opposite with a great vantage point called 999.

The passer by saw the man fall on the side street in Harrogate. Maybe he was drunk, high, ill? He called 999.

Oddly enough, at no point, with all the methods of communication available, did any of these people think - stop, let’s draft a letter, a text, an email to the emergency services. They did the speediest, safest, most sensible thing and dialled.

Today, with numerous methods of communication available to us, there is an inherent lack of confidence in younger people when it comes to using the telephone. In their world the phone shows an emoji, a face or the name of the caller, so telephone manners are not required. “Alwight Geezer!” is a cool greeting, or “MATEEEEEE",” Oi Oi, LAAAADS”, to name but a few.

Shift then to business, where the expectation is different. You are expected just to know how to answer the phone. But if you’ve not been taught, why would you?

Working with young people is about instilling confidence on the phone as well as protocol, but in a fun, memorable, real way. The scary part - if we don't train the future workforce in simple life skills like telephone manners in business, that could dramatically impact on customer service, sales, ROI. Enough said.

If you'd like to know more about Confidence on the Phone, call me. Like what I did there?

Oh, the cars were stopped, the robbers caught and the man taken to hospital.

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