The Power of The Chocolate Finger

The gesture does not have to be huge. Corporate hospitality is amazing, the flight, the races, great seats at the concert, the fantastic gourmet meal, but STOP! Take a moment and remember it is the thought that counts. I know it’s a cliché but it really is the thought that counts.

It’s about the little bunch of flowers just because it’s a week day, the bag full of donuts, the good luck card, the punnet of strawberries, or the packet of dog treats for the office dog. It’s about the thought, really caring for your clients.

A lasting impression is formed if you arrive with a smile and a packet of biscuits. I’m not suggesting that biscuits will seal the deal, but in a competitive world, if you want to be the best, the details matter.

Years ago, at the Audi dealership, the Dealer Principal was dieting and biscuits and cake were just not on the food plan. However, fruit and fizzy water were received with a smile. He knew I cared for him and his business and so the deal was won with the help of a strawberry.

What do you do for your clients that makes you stand out? To be known as the best, try giving a little. Your expense account can take it and the ROI is huge.

Today I am armed with Chocolate Fingers, a smile and the knowledge of how to sell. The deal is won, with the help of a biscuit!

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