Murder on my mind...

Our lives are already cluttered with half-started projects, we want problems with a definite solution that can be demolished in a safe environment and restricted time-frame. We want fantasy. This is the haven afforded by crime fiction.

After years of loving detective drama's and always on the money with the one 'who dunnit' I can't tell you how excited I was at attending a Murder Mystery night at The Bridge Hotel & Spa.

It was strange having the evening start from the moment we entered the bar area and a little confusing. At first our group thought the 'special guests' were part of another party who had us mixed up. When the penny finally dropped, we soon got into the swing of things.

The right food is as important as the crime and the three course carvery meal didn't disappoint.

With a spare chair for actors to visit your table, they were perfectly positioned to cross examine the clues dotted around. We were trying to get to know the 'special' guests and piece together our own evidence as the evening developed.

A fight breaks out, but was that to throw us off the scent or a ruddy massive clue???

Then the ear-piercing scream... a murderer was at large. The 'hot spot' chair was ripe for interrogations as the Miss Marples and Poirots emerged to find a killer.

Together with our fellow Inspector Clueso's we had to guess who did it and why... After much cross examination, further analysis and pleas of innocence, there is of course the solution to the mystery. It's the moment we had all been waiting for, to which all the clues had been directed.

Our table were more Inspector Gadget than Clueso, as we hung the wrong person out to dry (we did say sorry).

All in all the evening was fantastic fun, with the element of great food and entertainment it's an evening we will be booking on again - every event is unique with a different case to crack. If you haven't tried one before, give it a go... what's the worst that could happen?

For more information on Murder Mystery evenings click here.

The Bridge Hotel & Spa

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