Home Fire Safety Checks

To request a Home Fire Safety Check please complete the online request form below or use the contact details at the bottom of this page. What is a Home Fire Safety Check?

Firefighters now spend much of their time visiting people in their homes completing a Home Fire Safety Check together with the occupier of the house. During the visit, the firefighters will inform and give practical, common sense advice to eliminate or reduce the risk of fire happening in your home. They will also discuss a practical fire escape plan to make sure that if the worst does happen, you can escape with your family safely.

An additional benefit, and one which the Fire and Rescue Authority is justly proud, is the installation of smoke detectors, free of charge, within homes which have been assessed as being most at risk from fires. This, together with instruction on their use and maintenance, will make sure that occupants are warned of a fire in plenty of time so they can make their escape.

Over the last five years we have visited over 300,000 homes and installed over 450,000 smoke detectors completely free of charge. In addition to the 10 year smoke detectors, the fire service also fit special alarms for the deaf and hard of hearing. Where, during the home fire safety check, firefighters come across an occupant who cannot hear the smoke alarm they are referred to the Prevention Department, who then go assess and install a vibrating pad and flashing light in the bedroom of the occupants home.


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