Applications for Primary School - Deadline 15th January

If your child is due to start primary school in September, you need to complete and submit your application by 15th January.

Please use this as a guide.​​​​​ 1 November 2016 to 15 January 2017 - Apply for a place 18 April 2017 - Offers go out 28 April 2017 - Waiting list deadline 16 May 2017 - Appeals deadline April to July 2017 - Places allocated from the waiting lists and appeals held September 2017 Start primary school

If your child is due to start primary school in September 2017 you must apply for a school place between 1 November 2016 and 15 January 2017.

Invitation to apply letters

Letters telling you which your priority school is are sent out at the end of October. This is the school where your child has a higher priority under the Leeds admissions policy reception 2017-18 (PDF 64KB). If you have not received your letter by mid-November please contact us.

The admission policy describes how priority is determined and, in turn, how places are offered. It also provides information about what constitutes a home address, how late applications are dealt with and how offers should be accepted. It provides an overview of how the waiting list works, how temporary school sites are taken into account and how applications outside the normal admission round​ should be made.

How to apply for a school place

Applications open on 1 November. Your application needs to be made using the online application form. Our 'how to' video will help you complete the application form.​

On your application, you can include up to five schools as your preferences. You should put these in order of your preference (i.e. your preferred school at number one, and your least preferred school at number five). We recommend you use all five preferences and include your child's priority school. This will ensure you have the best chance of being offered a local school place. Remember, this may not physically be your nearest school as different types of schools follow different types of admissions policies. Select a school using Find a school in Leeds to view its admissions policy.

Some schools require the completion of a supplementary information form (SIF) which should be completed separately and sent directly to the school. You can find out if a SIF is required by reading the school's admissions policy. Each school page has a link to its admissions policy. If supplementary information is required a link to this will also be provided.

The address you provide on the application must be where your child lives for the majority of the time.

​ Before you apply have you:

  • Visited the schools you are interested in before applying? Most of them have open days where you can find out more information.

  • Read the Starting primary school in Leeds 2017 composite prospectus (PDF 3.2MB)

  • Pages 9 and 10 include information about the kinds of schools there are in Leeds and how that will affect your application. Pages 12 to 16 includes answers to frequently asked questions and other information including provision for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

  • Watched our 'how to' video to help you use the online application form.

  • Used Find a school in Leeds to gain detailed information about each school, including their oversubscription criteria which can be found within the admissions policy attached to each school page. This will help ensure you include schools where your child has a realistic chance of being offered a place.

  • Spoken to staff in the Admissions Team to clarify any issue you are not sure about, especially about the admissions policy? If not, please call 0113 222 4414, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Alternatively you can email Please note that the admissions team are only able to discuss the child’s application with the named contact on the form. To add a named contact, the current named contact needs to email with the details of the person they wish to add, along with the child's details.

  • Considered how your child will get to school and the potential transport costs? Please visit our Children's transport page for further information.

Before the closing date (15 January 2017) have you:

  • Completed your online application and received email confirmation that this has been submitted.

  • Told us of up to 5 schools you would prefer and read the admissions policies for each of these schools.

  • Completed and returned any supplementary information forms to schools who require them.

  • Checked that your preferred school considers exceptional circumstances as part of their admissions criteria if you are claiming exceptional medical or mobility needs priority 1b​ (PDF 222KB).

  • Attached any relevant supporting evidence to your application.


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