Having Appliances on Standby is Costing you Money

The Energy wasted by having appliances on standby around the house could heat over 5,000 homes for a year.

Did you know that keeping your appliances on standby could be stopping you from feeling toasty this winter?

There's nothing worse than having to resort to a six-jumper cocoon to avoid having to turn your heating up a smidge at the frosty end of the year.

What's the point of feeling like Superman in his Fortress of Solitude (or Elsa from Frozen, for our younger readers) when you don't have to?

It could be as simple as flipping a switch… or quite a few switches, actually.

In fact the energy wasted by having appliances on standby around the house could heat over 5,000 UK homes for a year, which equates to nearly £1 billion squandered from forgetting to press the off button. Just let that sink in.

Standby for Savings

"Most appliances come with a standby function that allows them to be turned on quickly, but for this convenience they also continue to use energy," laments Gocompare.com's energy aficionado, Ben Wilson.

"The increased number of appliances in the home can see electricity consumption gradually creep up over the year."

According to the Energy Saving Trust, UK households waste an average of £30 a year by not turning off devices that are on standby. Just imagine what you could be using that extra moolah for.

But when you take into account the amount of gadgets and gizmos sprawled across our homes, it's no wonder our energy bills are showing the strain.

Adding Fuel to the Fire

Research from Gocompare.com found that a whopping 77% of homeowners will need to ration their energy usage this winter, leaving a lot of people shivering unnecessarily.

And there's a staggering four million people living in fuel poverty in Britain currently, who aren't able to heat their home adequately.

Take a look at our infographic to see how the rest of the UK shapes up

So what can be done to help people weather the cold snap in comfort?

"We're entering the peak period for energy usage and consequently higher fuel bills. But instead of going without - now is the perfect time to review your energy consumption and consider your options," says Wilson.

"Another easy step to save money on your energy bill is to shop around and switch supplier. Finding a new energy supplier is easy to do and just takes a few minutes online.

"On average people who switch energy supplier through Gocompare.com can save as much as £366."

All Good Things Come to an End

Speaking of switching your energy supplier, if you're on a fixed dual fuel tariff, get ahead of the curve and make sure you've lined up a top deal on your gas and electricity before you're moved onto your supplier's standard variable tariff.

There are 78 fixed dual fuel tariffs finishing before 31 January, resulting in an average rise in energy bills of £222.18… yikes.

So if you're on a fixed tariff, make sure you keep an eye out for its finish date. Better still, you'll be notified by your supplier that your tariff is wrapping up just under 50 days before it ends.

This gives you the green light to pop on over to Gocompare.com and get switching without paying any dreaded early exit fees.

And with Christmas mere weeks away, that extra money in your pocket could come in useful for buying the largest goose on offer for a luxury Christmas feast.

Shop around today to see if you could be saving on your energy bills.


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