Disruptions in Wetherby from next week with the Northern Gas Networks Scheme 2017

You may already be aware of the major gas main upgrade scheme due to begin in Wetherby in the New Year by Northern Gas Networks (NGN).

The plan is to replace the old cast iron mains with plastic pipe.

At the end of 2015 NGN met with the local Chamber of Commerce to discuss what would be the preferred time of year for the works to be carried out.

It was agreed that January/Feb would be the preferred time to carry out the works so the scheme was put on hold for 12 months or so.

Over the course of the year NGN have carried out a large scale consultation exercise with residents and local businesses. This included letter drops and personal visits to properties and as well as organising a consultation evening in Wetherby last month.

We have been working with NGN from day one to ensure that these works are carried as quickly as possible out with the least disruption.

Throughout the scheme NGN have agreed to work 7 days a week and will work extended hours where possible/necessary.

During the planning stages we emphasised the importance of keeping traffic flowing in and around Wetherby and focused on methods of traffic management would facilitate this.

We tried , were we could, to avoid the use of traffic lights but there are some aspects of the work that - due to the width of the road/location of excavations – lights are the only option.

For your information the phasing of the works are as follows:

Scheme begins 9/1/17 on Westgate

Phase 1

Multiway signals will be in place at the junction of Westgate and Crossley Street for approximately 7 days. These will be manually operated from 06.30 – 19.00 every day to ensure that the traffic queues are being managed as efficiently as possible.

Phase 2

Signals will be removed and a one way closure /contraflow will be in place from Crossley Street to Caxton street.

This means that traffic traveling outbound towards Spofforth Hill will be unaffected with inbound traffic being directed onto Crossley Street – St James Street – North Street – High Street.

The works will move along from Caxton Street to Wharfedale Lawns utilising the same one way closure system.

This should take approximately 14 days.

Phase 3

From Whardfedale Lawns , around the bend past St Joseph’s Church – the road is over 10m wide here so two way traffic should be able to be maintained whilst this phase is carried out. This should take around 7 days to complete.

Phase 4

From the Church to Bank Street, 2 way lights will be used to manage traffic around the works.

The gas main is almost in the middle of the road here so the use of lights is the only option. This should take between 5-7 days to complete. Again, the lights will be manually controlled 06.30 – 19.00.

Works will then move onto Bank Street 6/2/17 – 26/2/17 which will be closed through traffic with signed diversions in place but access will be maintained as required – as will access to Church Street

Affected residents and businesses are aware of what to expect and have been given contact details of the agent in charge to ensure that all access needs are accommodated.

The Shambles will then be closed 27/2/17 – 5/3/17 Cross Street will be closed 6/3/17 - 12/3/16

Diversions will be in place. Again, full consultation has been carried out here.

Once this has been completed, NGN will move onto Horsefair to carry out the permanent reinstatement of the specialised block paving. This will also require a closure at its junction with North Street/High Street

Advanced warning signs have been in place in and around Wetherby for a few weeks to let the general public know what to expect and when.

Additional electronic warning signs will soon be installed on the various routes into Wetherby

If you have any questions or require clarification on any of the above points then please let me know

Please feel free to forward it on to any other parties that may find it useful.


Northern Gas Networks Customer Care Team on 08000407766 (Option 2) or by e-mailing customercare@northerngas.co.uk

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