Secrets of Wetherby

Wetherby is brilliant, we all know that. Just like we all know that Thursday is market day, Morrisons is best avoided on a Saturday morning, and there won't be a parking space in the riverside carpark after 9:30am, especially on a nice day.

However, with all this local knowledge, there is one thing that people in Wetherby seem to not be aware of. So, I'm going to let you into a little secret: Church Street is amazing.

There, said it.

There are so many people that tend to avoid this street or go another way, and yet this is where you will find some of the best shops in Wetherby. There was a time when a lot of the units were empty, but not any more. We have a full street and it is fab!

There are obviously the stalwarts; hairdressers Daniels and Cathryn Fox as well as our fantastic neighbours The Nail Lounge making Wetherby more attractive, one pair of hands at a time. Up at the end, there is Yum Yum Thai and although they are technically Bank Street, their delicious smells drift down our way so we'll let them join us.

Speaking of delicious smells, if you need excellent cheese, The Artisan Cheese Co (aka The Cheese Shop) is the only place to go. Opposite them the amazing C'est Chocolat is perfect for satisfying that sweet craving. Unfortunately I only discovered their bargain basket one week before I gave up refined sugar, but it was a very very good week.

The other end of the street has the wonderful Stationery Cupboard, which is invaluable for anyone who, like me, is slightly addicted to funky stationery. And next to them Margins, the Baptist Church book shop is a wonderful find, especially as many people are still mourning the loss of the independent book shops on Bank Street and Westgate.

Now we come to my favourites; our upstairs neighbours Art & Frames, run by the hardest working, nicest framer you'll ever meet, and our neighbours on the other side; Doodlebugs.

Doodlebugs opened about a week after we did, and is still undiscovered by many people in the area. Spread the word, they stock things you will not find anywhere else. If you want people to ask "where did you get that gorgeous outfit?" go to Doodlebugs.

Then there's us. We are a dance shop. We have things you will need for dance; leotards, leggings, tights, shoes, bags, costumes, hairpins, bun nets, rosin and sequins. (Everyone needs sequins.) Then again, we are so much more than a dance shop; we have things you need for gymnastics, Zumba, Yoga, Dancefit and generally just looking fab at the gym. Put simply, we have things you will not find anywhere else for miles, and to top it all off we have tons of advice. Whether it is pointe shoe checks or fittings, costume advice, what's on locally or where to go for classes, we have lots of dance knowledge and contacts and can answer most dance related questions.

Yes it might be found cheaper on the internet. But you won't be able to touch it, try it on, talk about it, ask questions that get answered immediately, carry it home with a delicious feeling of anticipation and excitement and open it without the aid of a stanley knife. Where is the romance in a visit to the postal depot to collect a parcel? Church Street is romantic. Church Street is beautiful. Church Street is pedestrianised.

Let's not keep it secret for much longer.


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