On-the-spot fines for fly-tippers in Wetherby and Otley

1:14pm 16th November 2016 (Updated 4:50pm 16th November 2016)

Fly-tippers in Wetherby and Otley face being hit with a £300 on-the-spot fine.

The new penalty is being introduced to cut down on the number of low-level cases that go through the courts.

The move makes use of powers contained in new government legislation which came into force during 2016 to provide an additional and quicker way of taking action against those found to have dumped their waste illegally.

Offenders could be served with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £300, reduced to £200 if the fine is paid within the first 10 days.

But Leeds City Council says more serious offenders could still be served an unlimited fine or face a prison sentence of up to 5 years.

The council hopes to save money on administrative and legal work.

In 2015 alone, there were approximately 12,000 reports of fly-tipping across Leeds, costing the city around £500,000 per year.

Councillor Lucinda Yeadon, Leeds City Council's executive member for environment and sustainability, said:

"We simply do not tolerate any form of fly-tipping in our city, and will always take action against anyone who is found to be involved in this type of activity which blights our communities.

"The introduction of an FPN which came into force as part of new legislation this month, is therefore another welcome tool in our work to clamp down on those involved in fly-tipping incidents of domestic waste.

"This will enable us to take immediate action against offenders and also mean that the council will save money by not having to pursue all cases through the courts."


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