Interested in Mountain Bike Trials around Wetherby?

The area between Wetherby, Leeds and Harrogate has some great off road biking and we want to make the most of it.

The idea is to waymark a series of trails on existing bridleways and produce a trail map of the whole network to help people explore. As time goes on we hope to improve the trails and add interest.

We share the trails with horse riders and walkers, so we want to promote good trail etiquette and safety.

We want to work with landowners and avoid conflict. The trail clearing at Quarry Hill isn't an official part of our project (individual members have been doing this) but we're making efforts to ensure no one is upset by it.

We also hope the project will be a big boost for local business.

As well as the trails, we're looking at the possibility of a skills track aimed at kids/teenagers in Wetherby itself.

We don't run guided rides etc at the moment, but if you are a group who rides locally and welcome new members feel free to post on here when you go out. We're exploring the possibility of an easy going club to run events, bulk deals on kit etc.

We'd love to see everyone's photos, videos and recommendations. As with all social media please use common sense when posting and don't put yourself at risk or upset anyone.

We're really pleased that you are interested and a good social media platform is going to be a big help as we move forward.

Last word (promise). We're volunteers and are looking for people to help. We need to fund and build this. We've a good idea how and will reveal more in coming weeks!

Happy riding!

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