Beefing up your Customer Service

On hold! It's no secret, people hate to wait. Has your frustration increased as the orchestra reaches its crescendo? Have you tapped your fingers to the beat of Britney Spears on loop? The time we spend waiting for service diminishes our customer experience. Long wait and hold times also mean lost sales, bigger service issues when they do come up, and customers who are ready to jump to another provider at a moment's notice. At Deep Blue we focus on the front end user and every call is important to us. We are proud to deliver the best customer expectations. Our ethos is to answer inbound calls within 3 rings or direct you to a voicemail where you can leave your details. As soon as our first operator is available we call you back. Our feature rich systems will start your process of decreasing customer wait times. We will help you focus first on the changes that will yield the greatest results for your business and customers.

We are putting you back in the driving seat of technology.

"Our only regret is that we didn't get Deep Blue in sooner as we had struggled with our old telephone system for far too long"

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