New speed controls in Wetherby now up and running

New speed indicator devices (SIDs) in Wetherby have been welcomed by the town's ward councillors after a number of residents raised issues with road safety in the area.

Four new speeding devices are up and running on Deighton Road and Hallfield Lane after the town's three ward councillors identified speeding in Wetherby as a local concern.

The councillors funded two SIDs on Deighton Road with discretionary funding from the Members' Improvements to the Community and Environment Scheme and another two on Hallfield Lane through the local Housing Advisory Panel on which Councillor Gerald Wilkinson sits.

Coun Wilkinson (Con) said: “We have used our local discretionary funds to pay for two of these devices and listening to local people it is clear that a number of residents have concerns about safely crossing roads in Wetherby.

"We are pleased to see them operational and hope that it will make people feel safer as they cross what can be busy local roads.

”The devices work by warning drivers that they are exceeding the speed limit, which is currently 20mph on Hallfield Lane and 30mph on Deighton Road.

Councillor John Procter (Con) explained that the new devices were also about making Wetherby as safe as possible for those visiting the town to help boost business and keep attracting people to the historic market town.

He said: “I am hopeful that they will make our town a lot safer for shoppers and visitors, Wetherby is a thriving market town and we must make sure that continues – these devices will help to do that.”

But while the devices have only been in place for a short amount of time Councillor Alan Lamb (Con) said the difference was noticeable.

He said: “Although it is early days the suggestion is that the speed devices are working, anecdotal evidence shows that cars passing the cameras are slowing to the required speed limit be it 20 or 30 MPH, we are hopeful that this will continue to be the case making the roads in Wetherby much safer.”


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