Do the Brits cheat?

In 2012, the French in the true spirit of Olympic Sportsmanship claimed that our cycling team were so good because of 'magic wheels' - Alluding to some sinister alternative reason behind the British teams domination.

The real reason was revealed to be 'Aggregated Improvements'. The coaching team realised that the best bike adds a marginal benefit. As does the best training problem, the best recovery physios, the best diet program etc. Each in itself is almost insignificant. But if you add up the aggregated benefits together, you get the few hundredths of a second that makes all the difference. Did you know that the teams even take their mattresses and pillows from home with them, whether they train in the world, so that they can get a good nights sleep?

So - what an earth does this have to do with house sale listings!

Well, once you understand the principle of aggregated benefits - used in tandem with Rightmove's stats for improving property listings, you can propel your property listings to the next level.

Let me list a few examples that Rightmove highlight from their analysis as ways to increase viewers and the corresponding % uplift

  • Listing as a Premium Property - 35%

  • List as a Feature Property - 40%

  • Adding Floorplans - 29%

Assume you maximised all of these. The 'Aggregated Benefit' amounts to an astonishing compounded 143% increase in the number of viewers! This means that your house will get more interest and as a result it is likely to sell quicker and for a better price.

If you ensure that you have excellent marketing photos, descriptions of every room and measurements, the results are even better.

Then of course, you could provide a 24/7/365 office number for viewers to call, and allow them to book viewings online and make it simple for them to make an offer...

Needless to say we list our properties with Floor Plans, photos and as Premium, although we accept that we're not very fast in a velodrome. We'd probably give the french a run for their money though :-)

Your can read more about award winning process here

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