New Clerk cracks on with the job!

Iona Taylor, the new Clerk to Wetherby Town Council, has got stuck in with one of her first projects in the town – the redevelopment of the children’s playground on St. George’s Field at the bottom of Scaur Bank.

The Council’s Property Committee has recently decided to redevelop the playground at this site, with one of the first jobs being to decommission some of the old equipment which is no longer safe. The Clerk and Town Handyman, Robert Haley, met on site to start taking the children’s climbing frame and slide apart.

Iona Taylor said: “We’re going to be contacting local schools to find out what the children would like in their playground, as well as talking to the parents, grandparents and carers who bring children to the site. Whilst we’re sad that some of the old equipment has had to be taken down, we’re going to work as quickly as possible to develop and install new and exciting items that will rejuvenate and modernise the site.”

Anyone who would like to help design the new playground, or be consulted on possible options for new equipment is encouraged to contact the Town Council by calling 01937-583584 or e-mailing

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