Police warn no hiding place for drug dealers here

Containers of drugs and packaging used to ship deliveries in Gregory King's Wetherby lock-up.

I would like to start this month’s update by reminding people that contrary to a popular belief Wetherby Police Station is open.

The station is operational 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

I mention this again as recently a member of the local community attempted to convince me that “we didn’t have these problems when the police station was open”.

It would appear that since the public enquiry counter facility was withdrawn from the station’s services some years ago, people have wrongly made the assumption the station is closed.

There are means of making contact with officers at the station if you attend.

There is a yellow phone situated outside the station entrance which connects directly with our call centre once picked up.

The neighbourhood officers for Wetherby and the villages are based at the station and also what are termed within the police as response officers who will deal with more immediate situations as the calls for service come in.

This past week also saw Wetherby Police Station used as our command centre for the recent Leeds Festival event at Bramham Park.

Although the weather for two of the four days was atrocious, it did not appear to dampen the spirits of the festival goers.

The festival clearly has an impact on local communities surrounding Bramham Park with such a large influx of visitors.

However, what I would say is that we do not see an impact in recorded crime figures within those communities at festival time.

There are Wetherby officers dedicated to ongoing reassurance village patrols which take place over the festival period.

These officers were supported by our road traffic police colleagues, special constables and our off road motorcyclists.

In fact, with so many officers around it is clearly the wrong time to be committing crime within these communities.

And now turning to crime, August has been a peculiar month as far as the numbers would suggest of crimes committed in the area.

I have worked in Wetherby since early 2008. Each month since that time I have provided a report to the Wetherby Town Council regarding the crime figures for the area.

In July I reported 47 reported crimes for the town which was the second highest number during my tenure.

For August I have just submitted the report which shows only 12 crimes. This is by far the lowest number reported.

Wetherby is and has traditionally always been a low crime area but I can assure you we will not be complacent in our efforts.

Equally I would continue to request the community remain vigilant and report any crimes committed and please bring suspicious events to our attention.

Within the villages surrounding the town, out as far as Scholes and Shadwell and points in between, the figures tell us recorded crime remains consistent.

That area records on average between 30 and 40 per month.

The area is vast and at around a crime a day recorded in it which would still be classed as a low crime area.

Burglaries are a rarity in the area currently but that could change.

There were five during August out in the villages, two of which were attempts in the Shadwell area.

Finally a reminder to our drug dealing ‘friends’ operating within our communities.

Wetherby officers recently executed a further warrant to search premises in the Bramham area.

As a result, a substantial seizure of cannabis was made and a man arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply.

For those who want to deal illegal substances in our communities, be warned - if convicted of supplying drugs, the prospect of a lengthy custodial sentence is a very, very real prospect.

We know who these people are and we will be an uninvited guest at their homes very soon.

If any are still unsure of the illegalities of their endeavours - remember Gregory King from Wetherby?

He is serving 18 years for his involvement in the dealing of illegal drugs, following a court case in June of this year.

And a final finally a warning to law abiding residents of the area - be safe, be secure, protect your property.

If you don’t want to lose your belongings, take measures to protect them.

One hundred per cent security is not achievable but people can probably get closer than they currently are by reviewing current security measures.

Take a look at the home.


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