Cool Free App for House Sellers

When you sell your home, viewers often ask what the council tax band is. They also want to know much they will have to pay. There can be a big difference between say a Band A, or Band D property. There are a couple of useful tools that you can use;

I love this and it's great to use when you're at a property viewing. Try these on your own home now (you also find out your neighbours bands!). The Iphone/Android App will also tell you the monthly amount to pay. A good tip is to list the council tax band on property listings, particularly for low banded properties. Also remember to tell a viewer that if they are a sole occupier, they will quality for a 25% reduction on the annual rate. Of course as soon as a new buyer moves in, make sure that you notify the council (and other utility providers). This is really important, because otherwise, the council will hold you responsible for the council tax bill! Do not rely on the buyer! They often "forget" leaving you with massive bills once they have left. Mark Davis Branch Director Mobile: 07434 968856 Email: Web:

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