The Perfect Pair of School Shoes

Here are the best #HopscotchTips on buying school shoes for your little one


School shoes are probably the most important pair of shoes you’ll buy your child as they will be wearing them all day, every day for 5 days a week at least. They need to be comfortable yet supportive and have enough width, depth and growing room to keep your child’s feet comfortable and protected all day.


Did you know that there are 26 bones in each foot and they don’t all fully harden (ossify) until we are approximately 18 years old. Any prolonged pressure on these soft bones (cartilage) can affect their development and lead to foot problems in later life.


Measuring both feet is key as quite often the case, one foot is slightly different to the other and it’s not a case of ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to a pair of feet. Width is also just as important as the length when measuring the feet as there needs to be enough room across the instep to avoid any pressure on the delicate bones. Fortunately, our staff are on hand to measure and help you choose the perfect pair.


There should be enough room at the front of the shoes for the toes to move freely along with about 1 size worth of growing room. More room than this can cause problems such as tripping, especially in younger children, and it also means that the shape of the shoe does not fit with the shape of the foot which can lead to rubbing.


It’s important that your child’s feet can ‘breathe’ throughout the long days at school so ideally the school shoes should be made from leather if possible. Not only does leather allow the feet to breathe, it is also hard wearing and easy to polish and protect for all those toe scuffers out there. Another ideal option if your child is a ‘toe scuffer’ is to buy a pair of school shoes with a reinforced bumper at the front. There are plenty of these available for both boys and girls now so it’s well worth considering if your little one tends to go through the fronts quickly.


The better the shoes, the less likely it will need replacing during the school year. A cheap pair may seem like a good idea now but if they need replacing 4 or 5 times during the year, whilst not being great for your child’s feet then nobody is a winner. Often the cheaper pairs will be made from a synthetic material rather than leather so little feet will sweat in them when worn all day. Also, they may not fit as well and won’t last as well as a good quality pair.

It’s definitely worth investing in a good pair of school shoes. Children have an awful lot of running, playing and jumping to do on those growing feet of theirs, so please keep them protected so they can enjoy every minute.


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