Wetherby High School Sixth Form is opening its doors

Wetherby High School Sixth Form is opening its doors to prospective students next week, highlighting what it has to offer and the positive progress that has been made over the last year. With a successful year accomplished, the new leadership team has steered the school in a radically different direction, implementing a new and challenging ethos and introducing several initiatives in teaching and learning. The latest Ofsted inspection highlighted this progress, and nowhere was it more clearly displayed than on A Level results day, when the post-16 cohort achieved the highest number of A and A* grades in the school’s history. The leadership team, including a new Director of Sixth Form with more than 10 years’ experience of running a successful Sixth Form, has many further plans to continually improve teaching and learning, maintain high achievement, and help produce confident, creative, and caring young people well prepared for university or employment.

Director of Sixth Form Louise Rodgers said: “I have been delighted to see such great changes in the Sixth Form in such a short space of time.

“We continue to work hard to deliver a high quality of experience for all of our Sixth Formers and are happy to have the opportunity to discuss our vision at the Open Evening.”

The same extra-curricular offer available to younger children is extended to post-16 students. The coaching programme, for instance, ensures regular pastoral time takes place between groups of students. In addition, the House System reinforces a team ethos through competitive events and charitable activities. And the approach to teaching and learning is as personalised, allowing students to leave the Sixth Form with the high calibre results needed to further their education and careers. This year on A Level results day 32 per cent of the 2015 cohort was thrilled to have achieved at least one A or A*. The opening evening for parents, carers, and prospective students will be held on 18 November from 6-8pm.

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