New £250,000 Cyber Crime Unit launches ahead of Get Safe On Line Week

A specialist new team has come 'on line' this autumn to take the fight to cyber criminals in West Yorkshire.

Specialist cyber skilled staff have been recruited to provide West Yorkshire Police with cutting edge skills in combating cyber-crime, and in using the latest techniques to help enhance traditional investigations.

The unit has been funded by a £250,000 investment by West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns Williamson and will operate until 2017 to help enhance work already ongoing in the force to investigate cyber (technology enabled) offences.

It will help plug any specialist knowledge gaps in the force, assist in and progress some complex cyber investigations, and also help officers investigate more traditional crime types using the latest techniques and technology.

The team's launch co-insides with this year’s ‘Get Safe On Line’ Week which will nationally run between October 19 and 21st to try and encourage residents to boost their cyber security.


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