Positive progress at Wetherby High School

Sixth Form, Wetherby High School Rapid improvement in examination results and positive development in students’ overall attainment and progress are the visible results of the changes introduced at Wetherby High School. With an academic year under their belts, the new leadership team has steered the school in a new direction, implementing a different and challenging ethos and introducing several new initiatives in teaching and learning, extracurricular opportunities, and relationship-centred approaches to education. These changes have already yielded positive results, including some of the very best GCSE and A Level grades Wetherby High School has ever seen, in addition to a much improved Ofsted report, and the leadership team has ambitions to continue this positive progress. Executive headteacher Simon Flowers said: “At Wetherby High School we are committed to the academic achievement and overall progress of every child in our care. “As a school, we believe every child can achieve whatever they need to progress further in education or into employment, but we also believe that this can only happen if we build successful relationships with our students.” The sixth form group that left the school for university and employment this September achieved the highest number of A and A* grades in the school’s history, with the percentage of all students achieving at least one A or A* at 32 per cent.

​These results are a testament to the hard work of students and teachers, but also to the positive outcomes of particular practices, like the school’s coaching programme, which ensures regular pastoral time takes place between groups of students and a teacher who guides and facilitates this time away from class. The House System at Wetherby High School is all about crafting a team ethos through competitive events and charitable activities, and Flexible Learning, providing extra help outside the classroom as well as extracurricular clubs and activities, means learning continues even when classroom teaching stops. These changes have been incredibly successful, and this year’s much improved GCSE results prove that. Attainment in English and Maths has increased, pass rates in Science subjects are very strong, and the percentage of students achieving the required five A* to C qualifications is up on last year, reaching 64 per cent. Further, a record number of top grades, with some departments exceeding national benchmarks and recording the best grades in the school’s history, highlight positive progress and the effectiveness of the school’s relationship-centred approach to teaching and learning. Headteacher Lucie Lakin said: “It is so important to everyone at Wetherby High School that it is a community school, a family school, and a place where students can be successful in their school work and their school life. “Children need to feel there is a personal pathway for them and we know that every child is an individual. We want them to feel confident and comfortable so they are able to explore different subjects and activities. “There are so many opportunities at Wetherby High School and secondary school is the perfect time for young people to experiment and find out where their interests and passions lie. From sports to arts, humanities to core subjects, children will feel supported throughout the school and know that we are focused on them reaching and exceeding their potential. “We are very ambitious for the school and we believe there is a real opportunity for it to become known as a centre for excellence, where every child is the best they can possibly be.”

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