Wetherby High School students collect a set of strong GCSEs.

Twins Benjamin and Emily Parrett With results highlighting positive progress across a range of subjects at Wetherby High School, students have collected a set of strong GCSEs. Attainment in English and Maths has increased, with attainment in English going from 65 per cent last year to 74 per cent, and attainment in Maths going from 69 per cent to 70 per cent. The pass rates of Science subjects are very strong, with Chemistry at 94 per cent, Biology at 92 per cent, and Physics at 87 per cent. The level of achievement in PE is its strongest ever at 94 per cent, with more than a third of students gaining an A* or A. And the percentage of students achieving five GCSEs at A* to C including English and Maths has also increased, from 58 per cent last year, to 60 per cent. Headteacher Lucie Lakin said: “The GCSE results this year represent the significant progress and success secured by the children and staff. “Maths, Science, and English have all increased pass rates above national benchmarks, illustrating the high number of children exceeding target grades. “We are delighted also to see a record number of top grades earned by our children. 47 per cent of all students attained at least one or more A*/A grade, with several subjects recording the best in the school’s history, demonstrating the high levels of achievement across the range and depth of subject areas. “It has been wonderful to see the students celebrating their successes with the staff, discussing their next steps and the opportunities that such pleasing results present for them. “It is a testament to the hard work of the children, staff, families, and wider community that we can see the tangible outcomes of the school progressing, improving and succeeding.” Results in all triple sciences are especially positive with more than 42 per cent at A* or A, above the national average. Students sitting exams in French achieved an overall pass rate of 87 per cent, with Drama also performing well at 88 per cent. In General Studies 80 per cent of students obtained a passing grade, with 71 per cent in History. James Eaton achieved seven A*s and two As and will be staying at Wetherby High School for his A Levels and hopes to study Medicine. He said: “I definitely got the grades I needed and I’m glad because I tried to work really hard.” With six A*s, two As, and two Bs, Joseph Thomas is also staying at Wetherby, and is considering going into medicine, science, and engineering. He said: “I was hoping for high grades and I worked really hard for them, so I’m glad I got them. “Exams are hard, but if you are determined you can get what you need and it is worth it.” Twins Emily and Benjamin Parrett obtained particularly impressive results, both achieving eight A*s and one A. Emily said: “I wasn’t expecting these results. There were a couple I was a bit sceptical about and I thought I had messed up, but I was hopeful and I’m really pleased now I know. “There were times when it was difficult and I had to push myself but it really paid off.” Benjamin added: “The teachers we had for five years here are all amazing people and were really supportive.” Emily and Benjamin will both be studying at Harrogate Grammar School’s sixth form, Emily focusing on Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Politics, and Economics, and Benjamin focusing on Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics, and French.

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