The 10 best outdoor games kids today have probably never heard of

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

With today's technology-led culture, playing outdoors can often seem like a thing of the past.

While kids of the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s will likely remember quintessential outdoor games with fond nostalgia, youngsters today have probably never heard of these playtime classics. As the weather is finally brightening up, here are 10 of the best outdoor games you could bring back to play with your children. How many do you remember?

1. Bulldog

The aim is to run from one end of the field to the other, without being caught by the bulldog in the middle. Once caught, the player then becomes the bulldog and the winner is the last to be free. It is now banned in most schools.

2. Bus 21

One player, who is 'it', must count at a lamppost with their eyes closed while the rest run off and hide. The player must venture away from the lamppost, as the other try to get back and touch it without being tagged.

3. Duck, Duck, Goose

Everyone sits in a circle while one person goes round and taps the head of each player saying 'duck'. When they tap and shout 'goose', the goose has to give chase and try to tag them before they run round and sit in their place.

4. Kerby

Players stand at either side of a road and throw a ball at the corner of an opposite kerb so it bounces back. After getting a kerbsie, they go to the middle for more points. Play is suspended when a car comes or dinner is ready.

5. Knock n Bolt / Knock a door run

One of the most controversial street games on the list, plenty will have had fun playing this back in the day. The aim is to ring a doorbell or knock on a door and run away as fast as possible.

6. Marbles

There are lots of variations of this 4,000 years strong game, so you can decide on which version you want to play. The winner is the person who has the most marbles at the end, and you can up the stakes by playing for keeps.

7. Red Rover

Players separate into two teams with each forming a straight line. Someone from Team 1 has to run through the arms of two people from Team 2. If they are successful, they go back to their team line. If they fail, they move team.

8. Stuck in the mud

Also known as 'freeze tag', the person who is 'it' has to try and tag everyone they can get their hands on.

9. Tracker

Teams split into two, with one hiding and one seeking. The hiding team have five minutes to get away before the others set off to find and catch them all in this much wider game of traditional tag.

10. What time is it Mr Wolf?

One player is chosen to be Mr Wolf, or Fox, and stands at the opposite end of the play area with their backs to the others, who each take steps forward based on the time Mr Wolf shouts. When they shout dinner time, you have to run.


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